Super Late (Maybe Early?) FCs And Stuff

So, umm...I realize that FCs come out again in 2 days, so ummm... Yeah... I'll do FCs first, I guess.

Oh Snap! FC - 600AP
Tons of wings in this FC. Reintroduction of the Death and Conviction, so now the prices are dirt cheap. All the wings seem to be selling cheap, too, so presumably rates are high on them. Andras Masks...oh boy, are they ugly; 'nuff said. Guess the consumable extras aren't too bad - useful stuff, at least. The Mini Succubus Wings, I assume, have extremely low rates (more talk about this further down this post), and probably not worth your spammage. Decent wing spam, decent fillers, but crap stuff in between = 5/10.

Duftach FC - 150AP
...this crap again?! Crappy Top Prize, and the fillers are half-baked, at best. Nothing much to say except, "Blehhh..." = 1/10.

Hur hur, fun partz now~

Let's start off on my last post titled "Why Rho Fails". Since so many people came back saying they understood it fully, I wold like to point out that, when I looked back on it, there are two mediocre-sized mistakes that I made (logically) when I failed to take into account some things. Find the errors and you may win a prize. :O (Aaro Note~ : She lies. There is no prize.)

My PVP event here seems to not be taking off. It closes on the 15th. If there's still no movement by then, I will close it since I spent all my Macca since school will be close to starting, and I have no intention of devoting time to this event when that occurs.

Up to 95ish Dominions now, in Week 5. Still no Scales Zodiac. Sighh~~ I started to hunt to make the first Daybreaker on the server, but it's just as big of a letdown as my Dominion Hunting. At least doing the Daybreaker Hunt nets me a lot of exp for my demon (cause I like /wristing all my player exp away).

Since I did a review on Aion a week ago, here is an update on their page. I found it funny 'cause it speaks of "customization"...but all you can customize is your looks. The guy stops after he's like, "You won't be like other warriors," and then jumps to changing armour looks. Customization, to me, means at least some choice in your stats and skills.

Gratz to our new GSes: Tenkido (former GS), Alca (of whom all I know is gunner + active forum-goer), Compact (our first high-level GS that might actually be knowledgeable about the game... OMGIWARDS), and lastly...Sakurawulf (...who is...better candidate than Rho...?! lulz).

As some of you may know, I've been hunting DCMs for the passed couple of days. I succeeded in doing all 90 in 3 days (so I wasn't any slower than Xay or Origin when they did it). Now to work on Athena for anti-melee for god knows why (I mean, who else uses blunt PVP?!).

So, some final notes about the Mini Succubus Wings, of which you may or may not know. I did some digging and got some info about our SUPER RARE Mini Succubus Wings. First off, you can look here.

WOWZERZ. So the GMs weren't pulling our leg when they said the FC didn't have Mini Succubus Wings. IF you translate that page, you will notice that the 60CP FC has every single item our FC has...except the Mini Succubus Wings. Why was the icon added, then? I don't know, so it's obviously some kind of tinkering Aeria told Cave to do.

So you must be thinking that GMs are the shiet atm, until I bring to your attention this post by Xand.
Based on other Fortune Cards with the wings, if they HAD actually been in the Fortune Card, they would have had a very low chance. Probably around 1%-ish.

This is referring to the chances of the Mini Succubus Wings. Here is a translated version of the FIRST TIME the Mini Succubus Wings were introduced. This can even be semi-confirmed here at JWiki, where it states that first time the Mini Succubus Wings were added was with a 30CP card. (Note that the the link beside it is to a news announcement in January 25th.) What you SHOULD be paying attention to is how the list is formatted, of the ORIGINAL FC it was released in. Note how the Mini Succubus Wings WAS NOT even a jackpot prize; it was merely one of the mediocre prizes to be won. How is that a 1ish% chance?

More excuses of why to turn an item that the NA population might want artificially rare to boast (Aaro Note~ : it's "boost", Pearz) sales. Those wings sure are getting higher odds than they should be, as Xand says. What other very common item on J-server will be lied about and then made SUPER RARE? (I envision the new Amp Comps being Top Spender. Sigh~~)

Cave sure controls all the FC stuff, hur hur hur. (Not to mention that Aeria got Cave to "readd" those wings in, so of course they must have no control. D:)

In newest news, Rain now has roughly 20 REAL members. We are almost like a real clan, housing a lot of the decent Law PVPers (Instinct, Xaero, Fuwa, Mikale, Shockwave). Are we better than the self-proclaimed top PVP Clan Lucid yet?