Something Like Clan Events

This is random advertising. That is all.

I. The New Box

If you will all look to your left, there is a "new post" box underneath the blog header and clan picture. It was put in because so many people questioned Rho about Chapter 2 of the Saga after she posted Chapter 3; unfortunately, she and Pearz posted at about the same time, so people saw Pearz' post and not hers. (Conspiracy?! If Pearz is involved...) I don't know how many people will actually pay attention to this, but I tried, at least. The box will have the last 3 posts.

II. Pearz' Event

If you will all look here, it's the PVP event. She can take care of her own publicity, I know, so little to none from me. >D

III. Kaitri/Cody's Event With Special Appearance By Xaero

If you will all look here, it's a dungeon-run "event". I figured that if it's held by clannies, then it should be mentioned in the "clan" blog. They prefer posting in the thread beforehand so they know that they have "customers", but you can always get a hold of them in-game too. Good luck~ ^__^

~Aaro off