I'm Sleepy...

Started this blog post at 5am and finished around 7am - why do I start a post at a time like this is beyond myself. I'm an insomniac?

This is probably the earliest I've ever posted an FC review after the release. If you're wondering why: this is the 2nd time this week that I locked myself out of PVP (that happens when you miss/dc three matches in a row; you get banned from PVP for 24 hours). I am currently locked out for another 16 hours or so, from this post, so you guys can go farm BP all day with me gone.

Remember that we have a new PVP event. You can get the details and sign up here. The emphasis is on fairness regardless of level; hope we get much, much participation.

So, you guys may have noticed the free character ticket on your account. It is courtesy of this event. This event is Pearz-approved. :O

That same day, Xand gave me more blog material. :O Check out this song. If you like it, check out the rest of the series here. It's a short series at the moment, but it is worth it.

It's been 38 Assassin Rooms, and still no Relic. Guess I'm not getting a Daybreaker anytime soon... T_T

The clan decided it would be fun to run around with Deathbringer Axes. This is the result of that:

So fun in the sun read. I'll probably give it more blog time later when I'm less lazy (meaning possibly never).

There was a GM Q&A Event earlier this week. Here is the screen from that:

Alice undetermined. So we won't be getting them for 1 year anniverary I guess.

I'm surprised; the GMs are actually knowledgeable about the content they are adding.

Too bad the GMs (or GSes) don't know about expertise training.

So, I was teamed and couldn't flag to ask for question. Instead, I got people to join me in shop, spamming that I had question. D:

Too bad, no love for me. D:

I tried to /wrists, but:

So, from now on, we in Rain will /anklez; /wristing is old skool.

We have our new wannabe-GS, Ichimokuren. He was sitting around the event, talking about how he could answer every question, pretending to be super helpful... (Remembers Fawkes?) When one falls, another one rises from the ashes. ~~sigh

So, finally, the FC review:
From the Ashes FC - 600AP
Some nice stuff here. New tonfas, new amazing fan, better rates for Phoenix Sets. The fillers are half-decent: 3x incense and balms. All in all, the stuff is decent; the only problem is the 600AP price tag. Like always: is 6 bucks worth the risk of getting junk like Rein du Bijou or Maximillian? 6/10

Synther's Delight FC - 150AP
First and foremost, this FC has nothing to do with synthesizing... It is all smithing stuff. It would be an amazing FC for those looking for smithing stuff. The new Class 5 Clovers are good for making Ogre Thunders for those Survivors. Overall, it's an amazing FC for smithers. 8.5/10