Cocks And Turkeys

Looking for a good scandal to gobble up?
Feast on this.

(Aaro Note~ : For some people that don't read comments, Finella has more to add in her blog here.)

I'm not even sure where to start; it's almost not worth commenting on - nor would I (we) have done so even before it got locked for "investigation".

I mean, let's be frank: this blog is, by no means, pro-Aeria. However, we are pro-player. What Xand did was pro-player.

It's always entertaining to point out all the times Aeria and its representatives screw up or try to screw with us (eg. the missing White Rider).

This thread has been nothing but entertaining. Seriously: "What happened afterwards was none of your business." lmao. I'm sorry, but you only say that when you can't admit something; if you make it so obvious, you might as well just admit to it.

Oh, Xand, Xand - you definitely get a slap on the wrist for this one.
Although I personally won't blame you for doing the switch, I doubt that you knew just how rare it was. If you didn't, you should have consulted the GSes; they're actually pretty good for miscellaneous stuff like this. =p

I frankly lost count as to how many Cavern Runs I've done. I started in February, so use that as a reference point. I've yet to see Suzaku - and if I did and I got the earring of the wrong gender, I'd probably snap and try to gnaw the paint off my walls.

Ultimately though, he probably just wanted to help. We don't lynch people for trying to help, even if they made a mistake. We show and deliver consequence, and then we encourage.

So, here's my verdict: I support what you did, Xand.
Professional no-no, but brownie points +10. lolz

No matter how you look at it, putting a gender on the feather was dumb. I choose to be vulgar because it personally offends me. If you want to put a gender on it, make it tradeable. To force an untradeable item onto a player and not let them use it is a giant, "Screw you! Rage uninstall!".

Honestly, the only people who have the right to talk are:

1> Those who already HAVE the feather.
2> Those who want to know if they will be treated the same way.

The damage is done, so there's no reason to switch it back or whatever. I say to give those who already have the feather some kind of compensation for not being given this advantage, if they choose to accept it.

Secondly, anyone in the future who has this problem should get equal treatment. I would be absolutely satisfied with this outcome, and I think anyone else reasonable would be, too.

Rho Flame~ :

1> For those of you who want to get your FC loot's genders changed: I dont care if you're joking, but you're being an idiot. FC loot is tradeable; it already doesn't apply. You have as much right as an able-bodied man fighting a cripple for the handicap parking spot.

2> Suggesting that the GMs went in with them and -spawned- Suzaku is just (quoting Pearz) "lulz". Talk about absolutely zero backing or reasoning...and they say our conspiracies are far-fetched.

3> To some people: we criticize, we don't hate. You're not doing what we're doing. It might feel like it because you have the spotlight right now, but you're just looking for an excuse to rage and that is honestly just sad.

~*+ Rho