GMs PVPing?

So yesterday, the GMs finally started PVPing. Both Jolt and Xand played on the Chaos team. I was in a total of one match with only Xand, and then that was followed by 3 matches with both Xand and Jolt.

Here's the 2nd match with Jolt + Xand; too much effort to re-encode stuff to add the other match I frapped too. Here is the download link of that video. That file is on normal speed, while the YouTube version has been sped up to 1.75x speed since YouTube limits videos to 10min and one Fate match is 13min. (I also changed the music for the YouTube version, since the sped-up version of my music just sounds weird, whereas the download version keeps the original music that I was listening to at the time. XD)

So, some notes about the PVP matches played:
The first match with just Xand. He got demolished by me that match, which led to Jolt doing a system broadcast about it. (I missed the screenshot or I would soooo post it. T_T)

After this match occurred, it was time for the GM Dungeon Run, and so there was an hour's intermission before the GMs started PVPing again. The main reason I uploaded this match was 'cause you get to see me check out all of Jolt's gear. Note you can see the 5-slot White Fang. <.< Also, note that neither I nor anyone in the video can hurt Jolt, due to Incensing and Lord of Armour (other than Rho, who can Spell Hex). Xand came back with a Resist Melee on his demon (just for me), since he got stomped out so badly that first match. XD( You can see the "resist" over the head when I used my blunt hammer, wherein I swapped weapons to kill him). Small note: For those that don't know, those are not incenses on me during the video. It is the resist buffs that my Loki casts on me.

Some side stuff:

My hammer is finally complete, after roughly 5 weeks and 100-ish Dominions.

For those that have not seen it: we closed our previous PVP event and decided to post a new one here. The emphasis is on fairness regardless of level; hope we get much participation.