Pearz' Story Time (And FC Review)

First off: if you haven't seen it, here is a link on How To Make 1mil In 5min. Just in case you guys wanted quick cash. God, this guy is so full of fail that I don't even know where to start. It might get its own blog post soon, so watch out for that one.

I am now into Week 4 of Dominion Hunting. Up to 80ish Dominions now, and can't stop... Sigh~

Some other stuff:

25kAP for Shadow Voucher. Weee~

Why I believe that Class 9 attack is actually better than normal swipes.

Also, why Rho should be a GS. FULL SUPPORT !!!11!1!!

So, here's the Story Time, continuing where Rho left off:

Aaro, with his massive Gabishi, ran around pwning all the Angels to sacrifice in order to resurrect some guy. Pearz came in and went, "PEW PEW," and killed Aaro. Then, Rho cried in the corner in fear. Everyone worshipped Pearz and Rho was forgotten. The End.

Pearz Disclaimer: If you don't like it, then too bad. It's your quick fix until Rho posts. (This is also why I shouldn't and don't write stories, and why you shouldn't whine to me about Rho not posting.)

Aaro Disclaimer: The above was the imaginings of the delusionally-creative Pearz. It is not affiliated with the actual Saga in any way, and all similarities are purely coincidental. Also. Telling Rho directly that you want more pl0x will have good results. I suggest it. IGN is Rho and forum name is RhoRho. She's usually on all day, just afk, so feel free to PM her in-game.

So, here we have the FC preview, as posted by a GS. To start, I feel bad for Just_here2, who posts it every week and you don't see it getting stickied. C'est la vie.

A first note about FCs: apparently, they were changed up 'cause the ones we were "supposed" to get this week were all consumables, and they knew we wouldn't like it. So, instead, we got the following.

Butterfly Zero FC - 300AP
Zero: rare but novelty; Duftach: tons being sold 'cause of Flame Horn; Scatter: tons floating around; Butterfly: WTF beastly?! I guess the 3x EXP+Stat Incense isn't too bad, since you get three. It's the same price you pay for 3x EXP Incense normally, but now with stats. The earrings are pretty much useless, and the single versions of the incense is brutal for 300AP. Otherwise, half-baked fillers, with some WTF top prizes. I guess if these float your boat = 5/10.

Cherries FC - 600AP
Some new stuff here. The problem with the yukatas is that they are for the working class. (Rho told me this.) Notice how the sleeves are pulled back, so they don't get dirty when you're slaving away. I'm not so into looking lower class. Poliahu Spear is not worth it, since there are tons floating around for cheap, ever since people started crafting the trident. Conviction and Death are decent, if you're into that stuff. The real gems here are the new Int+3 petals, and the other boast (Aaro Note~ : It's "boost", Pearz.) rings for Rush and Shot. Cheaper equivalent than Wog and Fasolt rings. The other rings and petals are crap, for the price tag - and the Bead of Chain? The items in this FC aren't bad; it's mainly that 600AP price tag. Are those items you get in this FC really worth 600AP? Yes, there are a lot of decent things, but is 600AP decent? Sure as hell wouldn't want a Lithium Ring worth around 100k Macca for 600AP = 4/10.