Chapter Three - Duality

Everything exists in balance; the two sides of a coin, night and day, order and chaos.

Not only do they exist with each other, they exist for each other. That which casts light defines itself by illuminating that which does not, and that which casts shadows cannot do so unless it blocks light.

However, this balance is perceived and skewed in its perception. Thus exists those who wish to disturb it; it is not because they wish to create imbalance, but because they wish to establish their own sense of balance.

It is for this reason ... why we disagree, why we idolize, why we shed blood.

Rho tossed and turned that night in her sleep. It was hard to appreciate the comforts of Souhonzan, although the cause of her unrest would be more aptly placed on the events unfolding as of late.

It was the feeling of chasing the wind: one felt its direction and its strength, but could not know where it was going or if it had already gone, simply following a trail of rustling leaves.

Rho woke up with a sudden jerk, soaked in cold sweat.

A quick shower will cure this, and a trip to the terminal.

Guess I'm starting the day early.

Rho palmed the stone in her pocket, double checking that it was with her.

What is so important about this stone? Perhaps Doukan sent me on a wild goose chase.

First things first: Arcadian Archives.

Home sweet home.

Aaro: "Yo!"

Rho stared at the man waving at her, but still couldn't help pointing at herself.


Aaro: "Yeah~ You!"

Aaro motioned for her to come.

Aaro: "Judah is expecting you."

One of Judah's goons.

Rho: "Tell him I have no reason to meet with him. I'm still chasing ghosts."

Aaro: "You'll have to tell him that yourself."

A stupid smile on his face.

Rho: "Who are you?"

Are you like me?

Aaro: "I'm just a librarian, and a philoso-"

Rho: "Please don't touch me."

You're nothing like me.

Rho: "A librarian? Perfect, you're coming with me."

Aaro: "Wha-? ...okay."

The Arcadian Archives.

Rho: "I want everything in the database that makes a reference to Setsu."

Aaro: "Setsu?"

Rho: "Yes, are you familiar with that name?"

Aaro: "Not at all."

He disappeared between the bookshelves.

And what about this stone; what secrets does it possess?

Aaro: "Are you aware of the Seven Philosophers?"

He had wandered back to Rho, holding a few books under his arms.

Rho: "As in The Progenitors?"

Aaro: "Yes, as in the organization who fathered this society. The creators of the Homes, of Arcadia, of Souhonzan, even of Shinjuku Babel."

Rho: "And what do they have to do with what I asked you?"

Aaro: "Setsu is the descendant of one of the Seven, the man who created the Innocents."

Rho: "The archives show this?"

Aaro: "Yes, and personally I think Setsu is probably an Innocent himself - the first of its kind! The prototype."

Some librarian.

Rho: "You sound like you've got more to say."

Aaro: "Then they said, 'Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves; otherwise we shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.'" *

Rho: "You are referring to the Tower of Babel."

Aaro: "Yes! Genesis 11:4." *

He was absolutely excited now.

Aaro: "God, seeing what the people were doing, came down and confounded their languages, and scattered the people throughout the earth. It had been God's original purpose for mankind to grow and fill the earth."

Rho: "Books really come to life for you, don't they."

Aaro laughed.

Aaro: "It's one thing to read about it, and another thing seeing it come to life. Shinjuku Babel, the cradle and center of our civilization - and what are we waiting for? Tokyo Rebirth! The act of God that will give the world to man."

Rho contemplated for a minute. She then removed the stone from her pocket.

Rho: "What can you tell me about this?"

Aaro stared in amazement.

Aaro: "A Kingdom Shard."

~ End of chapter three
~*+ Rho

*Information on the Tower of Babel was ripped off Wikipedia. >_>
Aaro Note~ : *sigh* Do it properly, Rho.
* Wikipedia (2009) Tower of Babel. Available: <here>