Late FCs and Stuff

To start off, we added in a new form that you can fill out for our PVP event. You can now fill out a second form if you're a single player looking for a partner, since we noticed that most people want to join but can't find a teammate.

If you're wondering why the FC Review has been late: it's 'cause I've been playing Devil Survivor for the DS. It's really good, though I still haven't beaten it cause I'm n00b in that game. (It's also why I've been in like no PVP matches all week.)

Alongside of my DS-playing, I've been mass-hunting Dominion every New Moon. I'm up to roughly to 75ish Dominions in 3 weeks and still no second Scales Rune for my Class 7 Hammer. It is getting a little irritating, doing this for nothing. Sigh~

Just a reminder: according to GMs, the Hourglass of the Lost will be removed on August 4th - but only from the shop, not the files. So, you can stock up now in case you might need a one or two, in the future. (Though, I must point out, Fifi said that on the Jap Server, they were totally removed, so you couldn't stock up.)

Cody has been unbanned, if you've already seen him running around again. We successfully got him back from the Evils of Aion. Xandamere was quick on the reply; he also noted that if you have any issues with this kind of stuff, then you should send it to Megaten Issues instead of Billing. Xand can see the RT Tickets and get it hurried through, rather than sending it to Billing, who have no clue what they're doing and give generic responses.

If you guys haven't noticed, there is actually a new chatbox at the bottom of our page. You can occasionally find us there. It was originally added to find Cody, but too many people found it, so it's permanent for now (since we can use it to see how many lurkers we have D:).

So, on to the FC Review; here is the player version of the FCs.

White ? FC - 350AP
Nothing really special here. The top prize is something Aeria threw into the Item Mall, and that killed the price. Some half-baked fillers. Of the stuff here, the Napalms are actually not bad, and Balms aren't bad, too. Other than that, the other stuff is really more stuff to leave in your bank, that won't really sell. 2/10

Beautiful FC - 600AP
Actually not a bad FC. People can get a chance at those elemental extras that are grossly overpriced in the Item Mall. A new black version of Bella Set that I'm actually starting to really like. The only real "bad" thing here is maybe getting spammed with the pink set and the Rein Earrings. Everything else actually seems pretty decent. So, if you like the big fluffy dress, then it's definitely a decent FC (other than the price tag attached). 7/10

Now. Back to my DS.