Indi is a Poltergeist-Sacking Sadist!

So, this is what Indi does when there's nothing to do: abuse demons. During a random Suzaku Cavern Run, I decided to catch a Deformed Poltergeist just because it was so darn cute. Before I go any further: this was before I joined Rain, when I PVPed just to play rock-paper-scissors and Gae Bolg Pearz. So, I got bored and wanted a new toy to play with (and to use on Pearz). Initially, this Poltergeist had no more reason to be caught other than for being cute. When I negotiated it, it BLOWED me up. This led me to thinking that suicide-ing a Poltergeist onto Pearz during PVP would do massive damage!

Oh. How I was sadly mistaken. D:

So, I took it to PVP and suicided it. It performed a spectacular one damage! It wasn't until a few matches later that I realized I had been getting/stealing Spear of Thrud and Shield of Thrud trophies. So, I tested it out and my Poltergeist was doing my work for me! I didn't even have to shank anybody for low damage, either!


And I stole Rho's top damage. :O