GM Q&A Event

Before I start on GM Q&A Event stuff, here's just some shameless promotion of my PVP event. Hope to see you guys join; I'll try and pair you guys with someone around your skill levels so you won't get overwhelmed at the start.

So, today there was a GM Q&A event. If you missed it, no worries; I didn't. I'm also here reporting less than an hour after the event, with what you missed.

So, we got confirmation they're "working" on these Acts, but will be ready nowhere in the near future. That reminds me: I'm currently building a Time Machine. It is being worked on, but won't be ready in the near future. BUT, I assure you that once I finish it, I will move us all forward in time so we don't have to wait anymore for these acts.

Still more waiting on Runestones, too. Considering that in 2-3 weeks, it's already early/mid-August, let's hope that they at least humour us with a new excuse of why that's still not in. Hearing the same thing over and over again is boring.

So, GMs have no clue how about Magic Control works, and neither does anyone else here, really. If you guys want to really raise Magic Control, use Curse of Wretched. Just spam that on a lot of mobs to level it fast. DD is gives less "chunk" then COTW, but can be spammed more. Only problem is you kill yourself and the mob and you have to actually watch the screen.

So close. A GM almost got a gameplay knowledge question.
There was also a question on Protopia (missed screen), where GMs didn't know how to get there 'cause they teleport everywhere.

Zouchoten DCM: okay, granted that that one is a bit more difficult - but still not hard to find out if you poked around for 2 minutes.

So, what do we have here? We learn that the GMs have nearly no knowledge of the in-game mechanics (which is why they can't brief their GSes, to make sure at least they can answer questions). They also can't seem to give any answers about releasing content, as they have no control. They can't control FCs, 'cause Cave does everything. Then, exactly what questions can they answer?
Answered almost instantly, pew pew.

On a last note, I SUPPORT Fifi's movement to TAKE OUT ROYCE.

CLEARLY this is another image of Royce with Lilith at the GM event. OMGIWARDS. Either Royce is hacking or she's the snitch for the GMs! BEWARE.

BAN ROYCE!11!!11!