Super-Delayed (and Cheating) FC Review

So, I was gonna post this earlier - but every time I looked at this page, I didn't want to push down my lovely post with the Emperor Sword.

So, anyway, I'm going to cheat for this FC Review and do this:

By Xaero (and Aaro!edited!) -
Changing Faces FC:
The (main) items in it aren't good at all. You get a bag that's just for looks and some masks that no one is ever going to wear. The fillers are not that great at all either; you have 3xEXP incenses (more then enough has been flooded into the game already) and the (M) healing items are kind of useful, but not enough to come close to saving this fortune. The Napalms/Suginami Ticket thing is just trash, since most people will either sell it for dirt cheap or just discard, and then get angry that they even bothered to try this FC. The Repair Tools are about the same as the in-game shop buy rate, so nothing special there either.

Anti FC:
C'mon? A WORSE version of the original Anti-Demon FC? The only thing about the old Anti-Demon FC that made me even think of trying it was the Holy Anti outfit and now you're going as far as to only offer the Blessed one? Overused fillers + lack of variety on top prize = bad fortune card.

Okay, so if you wanted a specific number rating for these FCs, 0/10 on Changing Faces, and 1/10 on Anti FC. Simple review: they suck and I would be surprised if anyone was spending AP on it. I was actually expecting them to drop Abyss Raffle/Top Spender with this so people will be forced to buy absolute garbage to get a chance at the over-hyped Abyss Set. Good news is: Aeria seems to want to really push off the whole "we want to help casual players more than top spenders" vibe going on at the moment.

I find it coincidental that the week I post that Aeria has yet to get the second half of an FC pair (talking about Anti FC, and how there's a 60 and 30CP version, but we never get the second version) is when we promptly get the second version of the FC. Coincidence? Or maybe Aeria has a bigger hand in the FCs, like posted earlier.

So, you may or may not know, but in about 12 hours from this post will be the Q&A thing Mahouto posted. I wonder if anyone will even show up. Rho and I will be there so we can watch the tumbleweed blow by.

If you haven't noticed that we have a shoutbox now: you can drop random messages there and we will read it.

Rho and I were brainstorming, and we (mainly Rho) came up with a great idea and then I helped refine it for Item Mall. If you wanna know more details, I'll probably post the idea in the player promo thread in a couple days when I'm less lazy. (Since I have to spend effort forming sentences and stuff.) The idea itself we both think is amazing and really fits in with the whole "give casual gamers a chance at stuff"thing.

On to the last matter: Mahouto asked Indi to comment on his comment, but instead I will do it. All we did was point out the truth we saw before our eyes; if our observations are wrong, please "enlighten" us of your real motive.