Chapter One - The Gathering Clouds

Rho: "Father."

Judah: "Welcome back, child."

Taking a quick look left and right, her gaze met with the Templar at the door. The Templar looked uneasy, not understanding why the attention had shifted to him.

Judah: "Please, let us be alone."

Templar: "Yes, of course, your lordship!"

The Templar stumbled out the door, as if his life was in danger otheriwse. It is.

Rho: "Ogami failed, and yet she lives. Yamamoto should be hanged for his incompetence."


Rho: "She speaks of the church's hypocrisies, none of which I can refute. She speaks about the lie that is the Millennium King-"

Judah: "The church has as many deeds as it has crimes, as does any organization of man. But what would you have me do, child? Send an army after an ant? No. The mountain does not move for the wind. Ogami is but a part of a wave that will crash upon our shores and wash away."


Rho: "Forgive me, Father. I speak out of line. I am simply the bloody hand the church does not have, and should know my place."

Judah: "Chi- Daughter. If I am stern it is because I love. Try to not resent me for showing you the real world behind the masks."

Rho: "Father."

She turned around.

Rho: "There are no more innocents to protect. The sooner you realize that, the sooner we can start this war."

Lord Judah said nothing, but Rho could feel his oppressive gaze like towers on her shoulders. The man was her godfather, and had been, for as long as she could remember, a mentor and a friend.

However, the world was changing now - that, or Rho was. When the time comes and the powers to be fight for their place, there would be no cross for her to hide behind; she would have to act first, or-

The door creaked open to reveal the Templar, standing guard. A hint of panic flushed his face before he pulled back the reins.

Rho: "What are you waiting for?"

She stepped onto the illuminated bridge leading into Arcadia. The heavy doors closed behind her with a thud. It's going to be a grey sunset.

Sunset in Arcadia always had a tinge of sin to it. As the light of day was slowly snuffed behind the Holy Walls, the deep reliefs cutting into the marble seemed like wounds oozing shadow. It was disgusting.

Messian: "Have you come to make a donation to the church?"

Of course not. But you had to say it.

Rho: "I can't offer much."

She handed over 50k note.

Messian: "Every Macca is appreciated. Please accept this blessing."

The messian handed Rho a folded piece of paper. A blessing indeed.

Rho: "Always happy to help."

Shinjuku Curious. New Moon. 20:39. It was written on the folded paper.

Shinjuku Babel. It was mankind's greatest achievement, and greatest mistake. It was also a neutral city, a breeding pit for sin. It almost made you admire the man responsible for keeping the place intact - almost. Yamamoto the Steel-Willed was a man who commanded great respect. And Yamamoto, like all men of power, behind his beady black eyes and solid posture, had his own fair share of secrets.

No doubt he kept tabs on anyone and everyone who entered his city.

I would not like to deal with him today.

The streets of Babel were always filled with hustle and bustle during the day. It is convenient for those who did not wish to be found. However, seldom do we get what we wish for.

Pearz: "Snakes of the church are not welcome here."

~ End of chapter one
~*+ Rho