Mekaku City Actors Review 7/10

Mekaku City Actors does an exceptional job of introducing a wide range of likable characters that weave an interesting and unique story that is sure to grip your attention as mysteries unfold. A key aspect of the show is how it will excite your visual senses among the bright vibrant colours and background settings.

Mekaku City Actors is an offbeat story about a complex timeline of supernatural events that brings the lives of 10 characters hosting a bizarre range of abilities together. You might be familiar with the Kagerou Project, a series of popular vocaloid music story tracks created by 23 year old Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), who has additionally spawned 4 light novels, and a manga adaption of his work. Mekaku City Actors is also animated by Shaft, which is a huge selling point as the studio is very well known for their wonderful art in producing the Monogatari series and several other highly regarded works.

Here is a list of the main characters who become part of the Blindfold Gang in Mekaku City Actors, they are also the main reason to watch the show since the plot is a bit convoluted towards the end in a rushed manner.

Member Number 07. The shut-in Shintaro

Shintaro is a genius with social issues who refuses to leave his room, until one day where a cyber girl called Ene appears on his computer screen and bothers him to no end. Shintaro has a special connection to a girl called Ayano and her past. Shintaro becomes involved with the Blindfold Gang as various individuals with red eyes and special powers start to gather, overturning his quiet lifestyle.

Number 00: The big sister Ayano

Introduced as a mysterious person with a red scarf, Ayano slowly comes into play as an important character connected to the events surrounding the current Blindfold Gang. Ayano has a special connection to Shintaro's past.

Member Number 06. The cyber girl Ene

Ene suddenly appeared on Shintaro's computer screen one day as a cute cyber girl with mischievous behaviour who loves playing pranks to mess with Shintaro. She can transfer between devices and is often trying to get Shintaro to leave his shut-in lifestyle as he refuses to leave his room. Ene is almost an exact copy of Nyaruko from Haiyori! Nyaruko-san in terms of her personality as well as voice actor.

Member Number 05. The idol Momo

Shintaro's sister, Momo is a popular idol who is always at the center of attention wherever she goes. Her energetic and upbeat behaviour stands out from everyone else as she has trouble trying to re-connect with her brother.

Member Number 01. The leader Kido

The Blindfold Gang's leader, Kido lives with Seto and Kano as a group learning to control their powers and recruit those who gain powers from having red eyes. Her ability allows her to completely hide her presence to those around her. She is often hiding her face and provides for some light comedy whenever Kano points out her inner personality.

Member Number 02. The nice guy Seto

Seto is an average nice guy who gets a long with everyone. His ability allows him to see into the minds of others, but he would prefer not to use his powers as he finds it might destroy the need to communicate with his friends.

Member Number 03. The eccentric Kano

Kano is one of the most entertaining characters due to his outgoing and deceitful personality. He shoulders a burden of his past and has the ability to alter his appearance to those around him. Kano decided that Kido should be their leader for their Blindfold Gang.

Member Number 04. The princess Mary

Mary is a cheerful girl who is often very shy around strangers. She is the first member to join the Blindfold Gang thanks to Seto and has the ability to capture anyone who meets her gaze and paralyze them in place.

Number 08. The youth Hibiya

The youngest member of the gang who is always picking fights with Momo. Hibiya is introduced early on but doesn't get involved with the Blindfold Gang until the end where he has very little use.

Number 09. The towering silent Konoha

There isn't much to say about Konoha, he is introduced towards the end of the show and appears as an emotionless husk containing vast physical strength. His ties with his past provide an interesting twist on his life before acquiring abilities, but he is essentially shafted at the end and only briefly explained as to who he really is.

If I had one word to describe Mekaku City Actors, it would be "fun". The characters are extremely fun to watch as they interact and work together to solve their dilemmas, while helping their new recruits control their mysterious power and unravel the mysteries of the power's origin. The show was a hit with fans both new and those experienced with Jin's work, but unfortunately the anime doesn't do enough justice for Jin's Kagerou Project which depicts a much more complex and intertwining tale between all the characters. The animation suffers at certain points, especially at the end, but overall the bright vibrant style of Mekaku City Actors is a joy to watch.

The soundtrack for the show is an awesome J-Rock track list which is entirely composed by Jin himself, and provides a real sense of rock that will get you off your feet. Another thing to note on the show is the small ending clips depicting the story of the monster who finds love with a human, which ends up providing some important background information to the origins of the overall story and plot; a nice little segment that adds some charm.

The final 2 episodes of this 12 episode series were extremely rushed with poor quality on the animation, leaving a massive amount of confusion and uncertainty that betrays the wonderful build up of the first 10 episodes to fans. It's a big let down whenever a strong series falls flat at the end, but overall Mekaku City Actors was a treat to watch. Mekaku City Actors doesn't compare that well to the Monogatari series, but despite it's flaws, it's still an interesting story to take in. The basic plot is there, but unfortunately the show is wrapped up far too quickly.