Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin - Brief Final Thoughts

I haven't written anything in a long time so I thought I'd do so for the only spring 2014 anime that I followed this past season. There will probably be some spoilers if you want to proceed.

Nanana is a light novel adaption in the noitaminA timeslot for one cour so it only had 11 episodes. After watching the first few episodes, I thought it had the potential for a decent story. Many weeks later, I was severely underwhelmed. There exists different types of treasures on the island which different people seek out for their own goals. Perhaps the main plot line was to find the person who murdered Nanana. However, not much has changed at end of the 11th episode, except that the main cast is slightly closer and that the main character is more resolved to accomplish said main goal. Even the final scene after the ED only teases what happened with the Ikusaba and Yun-chan business.

There were some interesting characters introduced, but nothing really happened. Juugo kind of reminded me of Touma from the Index series, but with a more interesting background. However, not much of his family's organization was further explored. One could see that there were some intertwining relationships between several background characters that weren't made entirely clear either. The most fun character to watch was definitely Tensai. Her mannerisms and unflappable genius pretty much carried the show for me.

Overall, this was a short anime with some decent production that doesn't accomplish a whole lot. It honestly felt like a teaser for the light novels or perhaps a second season. I highly doubt the latter will come into fruition because the sales numbers for the show don't look too good. If you are considering watching this, but haven't yet, I probably wouldn't recommend it. Tensai's greatness alone doesn't make this worth watching.