Tokyo Ghoul First Impression: A Living Nightmare

Ghouls; a merciless species of monsters that devour humans while masking their identity as they walk among clueless citizens in broad daylight. There is but one aspect of the Ghouls that differentiate them from your average everyday person, their inability to consume anything other than human flesh.

Tokyo Ghoul is an ominous dark horror fantasy as we follow ordinary college student Ken Kaneki. Kaneki is introduced as a total bookworm, his personality is weak as he seems to only have a single friend who is the polar opposite of himself. Kaneki also seems to have lost both his parents and lives alone, which doesn't really build up much character or helps make Kaneki all that interesting. Thankfully Tokyo Ghoul looks to capitalize on taking advantage of Kaneki's loneliness as his nightmarish new lifestyle is further emphasized by his isolation, creating a broader appeal of fear as he has no one to turn to for help.

Kaneki and his friend don't seem to care all that much about the Ghoul problem, in fact it seems that people are doing their best to live their normal lives without living in fear of the unknown. However this ignorant bliss can only last for so long as these Ghouls continue to haunt Tokyo. One day Kaneki encounters one of these ghouls and survives, but at the cost of potentially loosing his humanity as he is thrown into a living nightmare.

Ghouls need only eat once every few months to survive, raising the possible idea of whether or not there is a chance of co-existence, but as always there seems to be a chain of command of various factions in the Ghoul society as well as strong individuals who compete over territory. Tokyo Ghoul promises a dark atmosphere with a wonderful trip into the realm of true nightmares.

The first episode appears to promise plenty of blood and gore and looks to tell a story of a dark downward spiral that questions one's sense of being human. The pacing is packed with interesting events that concludes the introduction and gets set to reveal some psychological and action heavy encounters in the coming episodes.