Black Bullet: 01-02 First Impression - Everyone gets a loli!

Black Bullet was one of the few shows I put on my "must watch" list for the 2014 spring season, and while it's definitely not the next big hit out there like previous shows, Black Bullet is definitely one of the better shows as of late.

The plot isn't all that interesting but it's something like the Attack on Titan setting, but filled with loli and a typical independent "high school" lifestyle with monsters and whatnot. Humanity has been pushed back to Tokyo where large structured barriers made out of a certain material are used to repel Gastre monsters from entering the city and bringing mankind to extinction. The Gastrea virus can take over humans and creatures, turning them into giant bug monsters typical of your fantasy Japan. A special squad made up of talented Promoters battle alongside cursed children (Initiators) against possible epidemics and removing any Gastrea that enter the city.

At first I was skeptical on the cuteness/humour side of things with the loli-ness and silly antics between protagonist Rentarou and his Initiator Enju which reminds me of Unbreakable Machine Doll, however it seems to just be an early introduction that helps make the second episode more effective as things prove to be anything but sugar and rainbows for the two.

Black Bullet does well in striking up some more serious themes with the discrimination towards the "cursed children"; children who are born with the Gastrea virus and yet they are the most effective means to destroying the Gastrea creatures to protect humanity from this parasitic mutation that seems to cause bugs and other monsters to grow to ridiculous sizes. 

Rentarou's own personal dilemma is also somewhat developed as he tries to make a living while balancing out his ideals with the cursed children, showing us that despite humanity's last stand hangs on the shoulders of these cursed children, everyone seems to regard them as tools and are looked down upon as freaks.

Black Bullet has also piqued my interest with an actual Antagonist, something that I have missed since Guilty Crown. Kagetane Hiruko is an elusive man of many skills for appearing unexpectedly while carrying out some rather distasteful massacres of those around him for no real reason other than to show how he shouldn't be taken lightly. This proper, yet insane person is the main factor of the show who seems interested in destroying Tokyo and mankind, or perhaps he just wants to show everyone the hard truths of their ignorant lives as they live in fear of the Gastrea. 

Not much can be said about the rest of the crew thus far, but Rentarou and Hiruko will keep you preoccupied for the time being as for once our protagonist isn't a whiny little bitch, but someone with a clear head and underdog attitude that challenges the norms of his lifestyle, while our antagonist is a mysterious butler-esqe psycho who wants to shake things up.

Episode 02

The "cursed children" discrimination issues surrounding Enju and Rentarou was enjoyable and I'm glad it took things to a deeper, more serious tone. Seeing the police officers take away one of the Lost Children (cursed child from outside the city) off to be killed was quite unexpected, but overall I felt the issues were well developed from Rentarou's and Enju's point of view.

We get a good sense of character development as Enju and Rentarou deal with the discrimination differently and not only that but our antagonist Hiruko even rises to the occasion to tear down the walls of their fake peaceful lives of keeping Enju's true identity a secret so she can act like a normal girl in school. Hiruko looks to be the deciding factor of the show with his potential to wreak havoc.

Hiruko unveils his own "daughter", Kohina, who appears to be a gifted Cursed Child who dual wields swords with murderous intent towards anyone. Hiruko shows off that he is a mechanical being who is part of a New Humanity Creation Plan, showing off a possibility that his goal is to wipe everyone out and usher in a new dawn of mankind.

Hiruko's sick twisted demeanor and Rentarou's own growth looks be the staple of the show and is definitely going to keep me returning for me.