Hataraku Maou-sama! - 11-13 Not Enough

Sadly yes :'(
When I first started watching Maou-sama I was immediately engrossed in the characters, each episode was awesome and balanced out each important character's screen time to capture the humour of the show. Episode 10 was a big let down as it was completely unnecessary and acted as a filler, and since there hasn't really been any plot advancement, save for the dry mystery surrounding the blue haired angel, I found myself not interested.

Episdoe 11-13 finishes off the series and wow, I really enjoyed these last few episodes. Not only was the current plot worked out, but we finally got some more of that quality action I have missed since Maou's fight with Lucifer. The humour is still there, but it wasn't the main factor that drove the show, still, I do love the comedy here.

Episode 11 covered most of Suzuno's past, and I was pretty surprised with how much of a killer she was, it really brought to light her inner conflict and explained her odd and somewhat polar behaviour to Maou. I don't know why but often do I see the church act more like a deceitful, evil, backstabbing behind the curtains organization than the holy and religious place it's suppose to be. Suzuno is pretty much the church's lap dog, sent out to kill off those who are deemed to be scheming behind the church's back upon other things. With all this mindless murder Suzuno has done over the years, her odd personality towards Maou is well explained, as she desires a peaceful escape from her past life as an inquisitor for the church in order to move on and live a new life without sacrifices. I wasn't really sure what to think about her character, but with her past being revealed and her current beliefs explained, I have really grown to enjoy her, it's just too bad the show is over.

Ashiya is pretty much a critical factor to the general humour present in the show, and once again he falls ill with some sort of flue, but as it turns out we get an interesting description as to why he continues to get sick; Suzuno's cooking! So as it turns out Maou knew about Suzuno's identity from the moment she moved in, and apparently Maou, Lucifer, but maybe not Ashiya, were able to sense that Suzuno's cooking has a sort of holy magic aroma to it. This aroma which doesn't phase Lucifer or Maou, seems to make Ashiya sick. While Ashiya didn't get much screen time, he does bring out plenty of humour. Once Ashiya flies off to Maou after the final battle, I couldn't contain myself as he acts so cool when arriving only to breakdown in tears and tell himself how worthless he is for arriving late.

I absolutely loved the final fight with Mitsuki, not only was there plenty of epic action, but the resolve between Suzuno and Maou was nicely handled. I really thought Maou didn't stand much of a chance, but it was quite clever to make Mitsuki feel overconfident with the closeness of the moon only to have it disappear. The fear of the moon's proximity scaring the people gave Maou his powers, and honestly it was a dumb move. Mitsuki had the fight under his belt, but his ego of using a spell to bring the moon closer to increase his powers lead to his demise. If Mitsuki didn't use the old geezer to summon the moon, then the people wouldn't have been frightened  and wouldn't have given Maou his powers back, so when the moon spell was overturned, only Maou had power. Besides the great fight, there was still an abundance of humour, including how Maou had obtained rip resistant underwear as his clothes are blown away during his fighting.

Mitsuki ended up being a pretty good character, and even though he only had his one battle with Maou for screen time, he was wonderfully expressed as a mad power hungry angel.

My favourite part over the last few episodes has to be the battle between Maou and Suzuno. It was pretty much a one sided fight for physical attacks, but the mentality and verbal debate between the two was well executed to make Suzuno realize her place in this world with her friends. Despite going against Maou, she wanted him to beat Mitsuki in order to return things to normal, ut she couldn't help shake off her past and her relation with the church. We get a real feel for how Suzuno wants to break free from her past as an assassin of the church and live happily with her new friends.

You always get these characters in anime who are sensitive about their chest size, but I have to say Emilia takes the cake. Not only does she show how uncomfortable she is with the subject, but she lashes out at even the smallest remark about her bust, creating plenty of laughs as her rage can not be contained and is apparent to cause someone else harm for their comments, even while being held hostage her anger cannot be contained.

Overall it was a great ending to the show, everything pretty much goes back to normal except that Mitsuki is now head over heels for Maou's MgRonalds boss. I find it funny that despite everything that happens, Maou is only concerned over Chiho since she is a friend and a fellow employee, and not the romantic man Chiho wants him to be. The final scenes of Emilia giving Maou an umbrella was perfect, and I would love to see more of this show, but I think i'll pick up the manga.