Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou - EP 02 - Dark themes

Talking bird attitude, your argument is invalid.
well I wasn't sure what to expect, was kinda thinking this would turn into a boring show, but surprisingly I enjoy the dark themes implanted thus far.

After last weeks introductory episode, Akari seems to have joined an anti-Daemonia (monster) combat unit that trains at an under cover school. Like all super secret combat groups, they need a cover to prevent suspicion, and what better way than to be a fortune telling academy. Seriously this is the worst cover ever. I know the whole theme here is tarot cards, and that each of the students have powers deriving from tarot cards, but they don't even study tarot cards at the school, which raises the question of why use a fortune telling cover if you don't even have fortune telling in the curriculum.

Luna's transformation
Rants aside, it seems that low key death of Akari's cousin wasn't a dream or anything. This is where the show gets a bit dark, as it turns out these monsters known as Daemonia, are evil spirits that pretty much take over a negative persons soul. These Daemonia go on a blood lust rampage, and the only way to stop them is to kill them, unfortunately this also kills the host, so yea, it turns out Akari killed her cousin. No one will ever blame Akari since everyone's memories get altered to forget about those who die from Daemonia take-overs.

Ginka, I wonder how well you will carry the humour
We get to meet the rest of the main girls at the school, and so far we have the somewhat innocent and polite girl, the girl with the attitude, and a girl with a sense of humour. It takes one scene of the three other girls, Ginka, Luna, Seira, to get a good sense of their characters. During this scene Ginka goes off to agree with Luna that they should have fun and get along with Akari. Seira then says there is no need to be friendly, and thus Genki agrees with her in a spiteful and comical manner that rewards us with a pissed off expression from Seira, this was priceless.

It was a bit foreshadowed how Akari's mother was involved with this Sephiro Fiore anti-Daemonia group, but what bugs me is how it seems Akari's mother didn't want Akari to gain the powers of the sun tarot and join the group. Akari says her mother left her the tarot cards, but in every flashback it seems she didn't want Akari touching them, so I guess we will have to see what all of that means, and whether or not the mother had some dark secrets.

One thing I noticed with the intro of the opening theme is how all of the girls are standing in front of a grave, whether this graveyard represents the people they end up killing from this sick and twisted way of life, or whether it belongs to some important person (Akari's mother?) remains to be seen. I just wanted to bring that up because it looked like it will be a meaningful clue.

Seira's transformation power is amazeballz
The girls' transformation scenes at this point show me one of two things, either their unlocked powers of the tarot card gives them a ton of power and thus makes them look super badass, or they just undergo a an alter ego new and improved attitude transformation. I'm not sure which one fits better but the overhaul is visually pleasing. Also to note is each girl has different powers based on their tarot card, but since we saw Akari's last episdoe I have to say of the remaining three, Seira has what I think is the best ability. She shoots ice arrows, except these ice arrows sound more like machine gun fire as she suddenly turns her ice bow into a stationary turret raining hell on the enemy.

dat look
Etia seems like a great character at this point, she isn't directly involved with the fighting per say, however she does show some strong emotions to her commanding officers as they shrug off the whole " hey you just killed you cousin its no biggie" attitude, with a sharp look of her own, or maybe I just like her dress, who knows.

It seems the other girls also went off and killed someone important to them, and with Akari having a bit of a Shinji moment, the dark tones are sure to continue. I just hope there's more substantial events to get this show off the ground.

Last thing I wanna add is how much I love the art, and that pretty much wraps this up.