High School DxD New - First Impression - same stuff still enjoyable

Despite the fact that the show has an abundance of nude scenes interlaced throughout the plot and is embedded into the humour, I still love the characters and serious tones of this show.

Last time we saw Issei  he was overcoming an immortal being and saving Rias from a wedding while riding a griffon for an epic finale. Now Issei wakes up with a more passionate Rias and an ever jelous Asia at his side.

The show wastes no time and gets right into the thick of things. This time it appears Kiba is at the center of attention. It seems holy swords and an old friend of Issei will be the main plot devices for this season, as well as a changed Kiba who remembers his hate and revenge towards the holy sword Excalibur. While there was nothing super surprising or incredibly eventful, I really love the pace of the show and how the nudity, plot, humour, and characters are well spread out for an entertaining experience.

I was so happy to see Sellzen return. This crazed murdering priest has an insane personality that is simply too much fun to see. He was a wonderful villain in the last season and I thought he had disappeared, but now it seems he is back and more insane than ever.

The episode have pretty much everything that High School DxD had, a contract situation, exterminating a demon, side humour of Issei's forgotten jealous friends, and even some Asia embarrassment of her feelings towards Issei. Everything about this show is enjoyable so I will be trying to keep up with it.