Shingek no Kyoujin: 7-10 - Hope

So far this show has done everything to raise our hopes only to snuff them out, but finally things are looking up and humanity sees a light. 

I am both happy and scared with how well things are going for Eren and everyone in the show, now that people have stopped dying and mankind finally has a weapon that matches the Titans. Eren's transformation into a Titan was quite the curve ball, but then again the foreshadowing of his father injecting him in what I thought was a dream kinda hinted towards this odd turn of events. 

Resurrection PUNCH!
The way Eren just jumps out of the Titan who eats him is pretty crazy, I mean, really now Eren just punches his hand out of the Titans mouth and forces the Titan to pretty much explode. 

One thing I really like is how everyone is running scared after seeing this, they panic and attempt to kill Eren out of fear, which is nice because no one is acting all happy and joyous, because if they were then you know something awful would just happen happen to snuff out that happiness once again. 

I have been waiting nearly all season for episode 8's Titan slaying. Shingeki no Kyoujin always made it seem like the soldiers would periodically kill the Titans in an awe inspiring fashion, but so far they just die off without much of a fight. Episode 8 changed all that when the new recruits take out the 3-4 meter class Titans, and Eren's rampage and total destruction outside. I was thrilled that my favourite bread eater Sasha managed to live through the ordeal, I was almost certain the show was going to pull the hope out from under me once again and kill off more of the characters in a sudden turn of events.

Mikasa's performance in episode 7 was outstanding. Once again we get more of an insight as to her personality and emotions. The entire beginning of the series shows Mikasa as a very quiet and somewhat cold person with no emotions or anything, she always appeared serious but we never knew why. Mikasa finally shows her self to be fully engaged with Eren and how he saved her in the past. Mikasa's thirst to live and serve as Eren's protector is quite noble but at the same time flawed. 

I really love Mikasa's character.
Eren is pretty much a reckless guy, but it seems Mikasa sees him as a hero, and it really is nice seeing how the characters are looked at differently than what we perceive them to be. I love the way these three characters are slowly but surely revealed through their mentality. 

I am so confused as to how or why Eren is able to transform into a Titan, and I really want to know about his father's research and what truths await Eren under his house. The biggest concern I have is why Eren's father kept his secretes locked away from everyone else.