Hataraku Maou-sama! - 1-10 - Swimsuits!

Maou-sama always acts cool when using magic.
As I try and keep up with 13 shows this season it's super hard finding time to even make weekly posts for a single show. Hataraku Maou-sama! is a wonderful slice of life comedy with a twist. The show revolves around Maou, who was formally knows as the demon overlord Satan in a different universe. After loosing an epic battle; Satan is forced to go through some sort of gate that takes him to modern day Japan, where he and his strategist Ashiya become working citizens where they become quite civil and develop a prideful work ethic with their new lives. The Hero Emi Yusa, who battled against Satan, followed Maou through the gate and also lives her life in modern Japan while keeping an eye on Maou. Add in a cute co-worker at MgRonald's who has a crush on Maou and you've pretty much got a dynamic group that offers great laughs.

While Maou works his way up the chain of command at MgRonald's, his overarching evil plan is to take over the company and then the world, and yes they are dead serious of this plan. Maou, Ashiya, and Yusa are pretty much at the center of all the humour, and to be honest I fully recommend picking this up if you haven't already. 

Now to cover episode 10.
This episode put a lot more emphasis on Suzuno and her rather mysterious goals. Initially I thought she had an interest for Maou, but as she goes on to show her true intentions towards killing Maou, I'm not entirely sure what to think of her. 

A rare Suzuno expression as she reacts to Maou's magic. 
I started remembering about Albertio and Emerada, and they seemed like interesting characters but I guess they really don't fit in with the current situation and we most likely wont see them until something happens with the current plot. That being said I am really curious as to learn about the landlord who somehow knows a little too much about Maou.

I do hope there is some progression with Chiho and Maou soon, but I would also like to see something happen with Ashiya and Rika, since Rika seemed to be quite taken with Ashiya's first impression. 

Ashiya's description of the past bewteen Maou and Yusa was pretty creative in order to explain to Rika how Yusa is not into Maou at all. I still don't know if Yusa will develop feelings for Maou or not, seeing as how she continuously keeps an eye on him and I think she is simply lying to herself, as it's her duty to slay him if he acts evil but I think his actions so far have shown he has been 100% taken in by modern Japan.

Considering the current situation, the person behind the attack on Yusa seems to be the blue haired SentukyFriedChicken creep. At the end of episode 10 we see him sprout white wings, showing that he was most likely involved with Yusa back on Enta Isla at some point. While the last two episodes haven't seen much actual plot or character development, I do hope the next episode has more actual point to it, although this was the swim suit episode, so i'm not going to argue there.

One thing I would like to add is how I loved the comparison of Yusa and Chiho's chest size through Maou's burgers at MgRonalds.