Djr7's take on Susui no Gargantia 10: The True Nature

Feelings for Pinion?
Well this is my own take on Gargantia episode 10's eye popping results of the Hideauze slaughter. On a side note I'm wondering if Bellows will be able to save Pinion from his greed, seeing how she is probably the only able to do so, but I'm thinking it won't turn out all to well for Pinion.

After Ledo finished massacring the Hideazue without even batting an eye at the aquatic slaughter house; the truth behind the evolution of the enemy he swore to kill, comes crashing down on him in a powerful reveal of moral beliefs.

In truth these Hideauze are the genetic evolution of the human race, and while they seem to have lost nearly all visible aspects that make up a human being, Ledo breaks down from this revealing truth. I don't personally care all to much that the Hideauze have become an almost completely different species altogether. The fact of the matter is how that child Hideauze that appeared before Ledo in episode 9 showed a more human figure that resembles the original Hideauze that still acted somewhat human. I think Ledo doesn't break down because the Hideauze evolved from humans, but more to the point that he is finally starting to question the galactic military and is finally able to think for himself.

Another shocker was how Chamber has developed his own logical reasoning based on the information he has gathered so far, this doesn't change much on Chambers initial view of wiping out the Hideauze, but it does mean it might start acting on its own and stop listening to Ledo altogether.

Things are looking gloomy and quite dis-heartening, and to make matters worse, Pinion loosing sight of the simple things and being engrossed by his treasure hunting desires will ultimately lead to his downfall if he is unable to turn back from his greed. Overall the show has taken an unexpected turn for the worse, and while I have always pondered what twists or where the plot would take us, I never expected these turn of events, and quite frankly the current situation is well executed.

The random clip of Amy crying over Ledo is a sure sign that we will see them reunite at some point, although currently there's so much up-in-the-air about what might possibly happen to Ledo that I have no idea when things will get better. Even if Ledo somehow gets back to the Gargantia, it seems the general consensus is no one is thrilled about the annihilation of the Hideauze/Whale Squid nest, and there's a good chance they wouldn't even allow Pinion or Ledo back on the fleet.