Valvrave 06 - Saki Overload

I have been following this plus many other shows these season, but I picked this up halfway for posting because I decided to be slightly less lazy. Plus, this show is the perfect mix of ridiculousness and anime original so you can speculate all you want on what will happen next. Just to throw the facts out there first, Saki > Shoko.

As terrible as her personality is, it was the good type of terrible. She is even well on her way to achieving her very shallow goal! Then again, who doesn't want to be famous? Though it was quite humorous how well she abused her new found powers the instant she gained them. We knew from the beginning she was going to be a bit crazy, we just didn't know how far in the deep in she was. It was just beautiful how well she handled Satomi.

I actually found this green mech to be quite ugly. The red one wasn't bad but this is just terrible. I guess I could give them slight points for using a unconventional main weapon and design. Though Saki personalizing it with a new name and a cape (even for a short duration) was nice. The question is what happens the to purple, yellow and blue mech. I am sure L-Elf will get one and maybe the vengeful bad guy too. Hopefully the last one goes to Shoko though highly doubtful.

So I guess the final burning question is what is Saki's goal? It was clear she has been manipulating Haruto from the beginning, but does she secretly care about him or is her true goal Shoko.I am pushing more towards the love for Shoko. Either way it will end up as a lovely love triangle. Nothing like vampire mecha to take the anime world by storm!