Shingeki no Kyojin: 3-6 - No Salvation for Humanity

Attack on Titan has a wonderful pace that fully explores the journey of Eren as he ventures to become part of the Recon Corps. 

The first two episodes did wonders to show how hellish life was under fear of the Titan's attack. Episode 3 and 4 explored the training and introduced us to some awesome secondary characters that also want to join the Recon Corps. Finally episodes 5 and 6 reunites the squad with their duties as they are set to face off against some Titans after graduating at the top of their class.

First of all, I am really captivated by the other characters we were introduced to. From a rival set on living in luxury, to a cold blooded killer, these secondary characters provided an amusing charm as rivalries and conflicting personalities are shown to separate and further identify the new recruits. One thing that really doesn't make a lot of sense is how the talent is placed throughout the empire. Only the top 10 students who graduate are permitted to work for the kings guard in the safest and luxurious part of the kingdom, while the lower graded recruits are sent to the dangerous zones. Why is it that the best of the best are sent to the innermost wall when they could serve better use at the outer regions?

Sasha drooling over her stolen meat.
Of the new characters, Sasha is my favourite. Her constant hunger and lust for food offers some random silly humour. While meat is apparently a rare delicacy, her unstable mentality towards food had her steal it, which apparently if she is caught she will get solitary confinement. Her amazing talent at using the 3D mobility equipment in such an unconventional manner is another reason why she amuses me. While the newly trained soldiers have to undergo harsh training with the 3D gear, Sasha is somehow able to perfectly use it on a whim without even trying, which makes it unfair to everyone else who has to train constantly in order to maintain a simple balance.

With everyone graduating I expected the show to go towards a steady killing of Titans, with each character getting some spotlight as humanity tries to stave off the attacks. As it stands now, I really have no clue on what is going to happen. Attack on Titan has become an amazing tale that shows how weak humans are, that not even determination or the fire in one's heart is enough to turn the tides of a Titan's unprecedented attack. The sheer overwhelming power of the Titans have over humans is like comparing an ant to an anteater. The show reminds me of Shinsekai Yori, with how well it is able to impose emotions. 

Despair, Emptiness, Death.
Attack on Titan gives us emotions such as fear, helplessness, and a sense of calamity. Another similarity I share with Shinsekai is the amount of shock I experienced with episode 6. This type of shock I had was a relentless crushing of my hopes for a positive result, just when you think everything is going to turn out fine, sh!t hits the fan and your left with a feeling of despair and a loss of hope for humanity. 

Finally we get the background history as to how Mikasa and Eren met, and wow was I even more shocked. I won't spoil the events that took place, however I would like to describe Mikasa's transformation from a cute little girl to an emotionless and instinct driven person. After the events of her past, it seems Mikasa was aware about the whole food chain and survival issues, such as how her father hunted their food, and how other creatures lived in a world of survival of the fittest. After her unfortunate incident, she suddenly accepted this truth of survival and became calm and collected when dealing with the lives of others, she decides she has to be strong and has to fight if she wants to live. 

During her flashback, I was happy to see the reason as to why Mikasa always looks after Eren, additionally I have more respect for Eren with how he acted during the flashback and was able to save Mikasa. I always thought Eren was too sheltered and put on a fake sense of survival, I felt that the only reason he was sure on defeating the Titans was due to the shock of his mother's death and childish grudge against the Titans. Eren, however, shows us some cold actions during the flashback which surprised me with how strong willed he is when he makes up his mind, showing us that he actually is a determined person who follows through regardless of what happened to his mother. 

The shocking events of episode 6 has thrown me into despair, and I still can't bring myself to believe what just happened. I will say that this might be the end of Shingeki no Kyojin, as I hear that the show gets somewhat weird and goes in a different direction than anticipated.