Pearz' at Anime North 2013

So I guess to start off this was the first time going to a con. All I had to go by was some horror stories and and some videos of what it would be like. It was both underwhelming and some places and overwhelming in others. I can't say overall which it was further since I really had no idea what I was getting in to.

Day 1, Lines lines lines lines lines lines lines. The wait into registration was not so bad but it was just line after line after line. We were lining up to just line up into another line. When we get inside, we walked around and just saw lots of overpriced merchandise. We didn't spend too much time look though, I am sure their were some decent deals. We thought the "garage" sale would yield better prices, but it turned out to be all junk like VHS or over priced items labelled as vintage. Only thing of note was I went to see the Otaku Networking panel, which the guy did know his stuff but wasn't talking about the right stuff. He had a panel right after for resume writing but judging by what he was saying, he has never been the one doing the interview process. Everything he says will just be generic garbage instead of "insider" info; I know since I am that person sitting on the other side of the table judging your every action. Oh, and there was a crowdsource panel which I found a joke. Basically a guy that got lucky rather than cold hard calculation used to succeed.

Day 2 we spent the majority of the time in the gaming area watching Starcraft Finals. Nothing much to note as I was actually doing my own networking for this as a bit of research into my own business venture. We tried to get back for the Masqurade (Main event of the Con). Large lines and pre-registration deterred us and we called it a day. They did have some cool dancing game at the gaming area for Anime North. (Not DDR).

Day 3 was quite short. We arrived for some surprisingly cheap food at the AKB0048 cafe. Our table won a rigged game for rock-paper-scissors. Not sure why they decided to pick us to win, maybe I am that awesome. It was followed by a bit more networking in the gaming area. Hopefully we are more prepared next year.

Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. There were many more good cosplay, but I am still averse to asking for photos.


This was actually a real cop

Only passed by the Crunchyroll booth 2-3 times. Not sure how people stand there all day now that I have seen the other side of the stream I watch

See the girl on the left edge, she was staring at us the whole time. It was quite weird.

Not all fun and games here...

These are still creepy as fuck