Valvrave 08 - Loli Princesses

Had to skip a week of Valvrave post due to Anime North, but back on track now. Another episode to make you wonder what are they trying to lead up to? I started out picking this up because of how ridiculous it was. Now it seems like they are trying to do something with it. It will probably end up like train wreck that was Guilty Crown though; I can't wait.

This was the most pointless death ever. I am pretty certain the boyfriend will be get a mech now too and most likely die in the next few episodes with it. Her whole purpose was to cheer up our main character and ruin lives; She barely even got any lines past last episode where she just decides to die. Judging by the preview showing the Blue mech fighting, I can only assume the boyfriend will get that one to cure his "uselessness". Such sadness to create and tear apart a perfectly good couple to further the plot. I am sure tons would volunteer to be a pilot knowing thevampire based repercussions.

L-Elf as a character feels like a deus ex now. You can't possibly do everything and predict everything perfectly. When he inevitably dies, it would make zero sense how it could even be possible given his absolute skill and foresight. There is such thing as a character that is just too good. I mean Gai was pretty much the too pro character in Guilty Crown but he clearly had flaws. While L-Elf can take out hundreds on his own and could probably take out the whole base easily. When he can make short work of "top elite" characters, it means there is no way to balance a character like that, in other words, death. Too bad they made him so powerful he shouldn't be able to die...

They are trying to pitch L-elf as the "good guy" now as they slowly unveil his past. I assume we will get tidbits every episode until a full blown flashback. My wonder is how they can fit all this into 1 cour when we are past the halfway mark and not even all the Mechs have been claimed yet. Most likely the back story will end up being something stupid like cancer or cancer like disease that only 1 person has the cure.

When a episodes ends like this, I always wonder what the writers are thinking? If your story is truly interesting and  great, do you really need a cliffhanger to keep the audience? It just feels like a ploy to try and hide shoddy writing and pretend like deep thought was put into the writing. Bakuman always just ended with the great news yet I still went back every week for it (manga btw, no idea how anime worked). I guess I will have to tune in next week for what crazy antics they come up with. I signed up for ridiculous vampire mech, that feeling of a semblance of an attempt at a plot irks me. I guess the eventual flop will still humour me greatly.