Date A Live: First Impression - Lame

Well this was a tad disappointing, I was expecting some serious yet funny situation that would bring the shows potential couple together, Instead I got a rushed informative intro that ended up doing a 180 turn halfway through and ended up as a prologue.

Date A Live is all about Spirit girls appearing at random bringing with them destruction to their location. The goal of the main character Shidou is to date them so they don't try and destroy the world. The show started out fine, but it entirely portrayed Shidou as an over caring brother to his little sister Kotori. After seeing Shidou attend school in a normal fashion we come across some students who at the time seemed like important characters. Everything was fine and dandy until the plot picks up, with our first spirit girl appearing I'm pretty sure Shidou will end up dating her, but while this happened, random flying girls appear with weapons and battle it out with the spirit, which lacks emotional intent and comes off as strange.

I felt that the show tripped and fell down halfway, it started off quite bubbly, but with the plot event kicking things off, the show ends up going backwards in an attempt to introduce us to some random and ridiculous characters.

The only promising character thus far...
There is still some room for the show to re-collect itself and offer a better presentation. The spirit girl as well as Shidou's classmate/ Infinite Stratos wannabe, show promise as conflicting characters that will tie into the plot with how Origami (classmate) is out for the blood of Tohka (spirit girl). I hope the next episode picks itself up with more dignity and finds some steady ground to build the characters up.