Photo Kano: First Impression

Photo Kano is based off a PSP dating sim, which is also getting an updated release on the Vita at the end of April 2013.

The main thing about Photo Kano is the camera that our protagonist Kazuya carries with him to school. After having the camera given to him by his father as a present, it seems that he suddenly looks at life differently, or so we're told. The whole series of events from here on out pretty much center around the fact that he is holding a camera. It's a little weird how nearly everyone gets into a conversation about his camera, but it works well as a device to start all of the conversations between characters.

Since this is pretty much a romance slice of life story, the girls are the main focus for all of Kazuya's encounters, however some side characters provide to be quite amusing. The show is fairly decent and the girls are different and interesting enough at this point, but definitely need to step up their game. From here on it'l most likely be a matter of picking your favourite girl choice and watching how Kazuya will most likely pick Haruka. If Kazuya doesn't pick the main obvious girl then I will be happy and more inclined to see how this goes. I do hope some actual events start happening since so far the only interesting thing was Kazuya deciding if he should join the photo club or the photography club. Let's hope this show picks up a little more for the next episode.

The characters.

Haruka is the main girl of interest for Kazuya. She is the most popular of the girls as well as Kazuya's childhood friend. It is easy to identify her as Kazuya's chosen girl, but I really hope it goes to one of the other girls.

Nonoka, athletic and upbeat personality, low grades.
She is another childhood friend of Kazuya, and it seems she constantly gives Kazuya nicknames, such as Darts'un since he use to play darts. I enjoy her character so far and I am hoping she will be intruding on his life constantly with her upbeat personality for a few good laughs.

Mai. younger athletic somewhat shy, average grades does rhythmic gymnastics.
This girl is pretty young for our main character, and their entire conversation about how she is close friends with Kazuya's brother seems a little weird. Mai is the first girl that Kazuya takes a photograph of, obviously enchanted by her dancing before starting up a conversation with her.

New teacher, she doesn't have a name yet but since she got two random scenes I hope she brings some entertainment, but it will most likely be random airhead comedy.

Kudou is the best character so far, and yet he isn't even a possible romance, or maybe he is? Not only did he show the most amount of emotion, but he even lead Kazuya to his first dilemma of picking a club. Kudou has his own special brigade of photographers which make for an amusing bunch but ultimately his personality is fun to watch, especially when he clashes with the neighbouring photo club. This character alone has me interested in watching this show.

There were a few more characters but nothing about them was interesting enough for me to write about them.

Additionally I like discussing the intros and endings, which I might do from now on for first episode reviews. The intro to Photo Kano is, annoying, the song itself bugs me, which you may agree of disagree on. Another thing I dislike is how all the characters lip-sync the song, I don't mind it when characters lip-sync a line or two, but every time a character appears they pretty much sing along with the vocals. Essentially, the whole intro just shows us each character with an image depicting something about them. This intro just doesn't really do anything to represent the show, unless the show is only about taking pictures of girls in their usual environment with a complete disregard to conflict or story.

The ending is fairly decent, not only is the song a little more upbeat, but it seems to fit in well with the whole, "romance one of these girls" themes. The characters are all shown again, but this time we see their different expressions, showing more individual personality.

Anyone else think that Kanon (Kazuya's sister) acts like Sonata from AKB0048?