Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge: 01 - First Impression

I wasn't sure what to expect but I am pretty amazed so far with how this show is portrayed with some dark atmosphere reminding me of "Another".

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, or The Severing Crime Edge's main character Kiri, is one of the weirdest characters I have seen. Kiri is essentially a normal person except for an almost bloodthirsty desire to cut long hair, his presence is pretty serious at times and really shows his unnatural desire to cut hair, as if he was a serial killer stalking his victims. Kiri isn' the type of character you trust while knowing of his odd behavior and secrets and understanding he's a good person at heart, instead I question his motives since he appears to truly be a psychopath but doesn't know it.

He even gets a scene depicting his insane lust for hair with some creepy hair fetish scenes.

Iwai is the second main character who has been cursed with hair that cannot be cut, her hair has never been cut in her entire life but somehow it remains well groomed and beautiful, I guess curses have their silver lining. Iwai and Kiri go well together but It is rather funny that her hair is the source of their closeness. Kiri and Iwai seem a little too close for only meeting each other (in a pretty stalker like manner). Kiri is drawn to Iwai because of her long beautiful hair, and has even sworn himself from ever looking at another girls hair with intentions to cut it, which might be a good thing. Iwai is drawn to Kiri because of his insane lust for her hair, as well as hopes he might be the one to cut it.

While the kind of odd love story might brew between these two characters, what surprised me the most was how the show took on some pretty heavy dark tones. Things get pretty serious and gripping when Iwai mentions that the next set of characters, Yamane and Houko, have inherited murderous tools that were once used in some serial killings, and are responsible for killing her father. The term "organization" gets thrown around a bit, leading me to believe that something bigger is at hand here rather than just odd boy meets cursed girl thing.

If  I were to compare this to anything I would have to say Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, which also had some very heavy dark tones. Unlike Tasogare, Dansai Bunri keeps the lighter scenes filled with interesting abnormalities that shift into the heavier scenes quite well, even the characters themselves visibly fit the change of mood.

I'm really happy I picked up this show and I look forward to keeping up with it, I recommend watching it if you have ever enjoyed the thriller type of show.