Xbox, PS4, Nintendo News

More changes, announcements, and deals with Nintendo's latest video showcasing their latest news.
The first WiiU bundle is set at $390, while this may seem pricey, it's actually a pretty sweet deal.
I don't fully recommend buying this bundle unless you have your heart set on getting ZombieU.

ZombieU Bundle                                                  Regular price
- WiiU Deluxe, Nintendo Land                             - WiiU Deluxe ($350) includes Nintendo Land
- ZombieU                                                           - Pro controller ($50)
-Pro Controller                                                     - ZombieU ($60)
Total of ($390)                                                     Total of  $460

Additionally, new communities as well as the google maps app on the WiiU are available as of today.
A new feature for the WiiU will be an automatic 10% return on all your online purchases which will be added to your Nintendo funds, meaning you get online credit to use for purchasing titles online through the e-shop.

Nintendo is also releasing a sweet deal if you haven't picked up a 3DS yet.
Purchase a 3DS XL + the upcoming Luigi's Mansion and receive Starfox 3D for free, there are other titles as well you can choose from.

Here are the games being released during march
Walking Dead Survival Instinct March 26th (WiiU)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be available for both 3DS and WiiU on March 19th
Luigi's Mansion (3DS)
Castlevania Mirror of Fate (3DS)  released March 5th
Fire Emblem has more DLC available today (there are now 3 dlc maps 3DS)
Animal Crossing (3DS)
Harmo Knight is another rhythm game where jumping and hitting things plays songs, which looks rather fun but I'll stick with my Final Fantasy Theatrhythm.
As well as various e-shop games

PS4 has potentially leaked what appears to be a prototype of their next controller, using what appears to be some sort of small digital screen on their controller. Sony will announce their next console on feb 20th in New York, which may cost around $400.

Xbox's next console looks to further tackle the use of Kinect as well as having technology that will extend the contents of your screen to incorporate your living room wall for added peripherals, kind of like a projector showing an image that extends your screen.