Robotics;Notes: Frau is best

Akiho diversion success!
I have been pondering the thought of covering this show weekly, but that didn't turn out it seems. I have seen both Stein's;Gate and Chaos;Head and noted the similarities between the two as they focus around plenty of thriller like moments while depicting large scale misfortunes that creep up in what starts out as harmless events. Robotics;Notes thus far has been a good show to watch, and continues to slowly unravel character traits and deeper seeded flaws with each character. The one thing I love about this show is how well they pace the inner character conflicts, as the characters themselves don't become directly involved in any large scale government like secret that will somehow alter the world, but rather, the characters begin to change and grow over time as some larger scale events come in to play.

Why are all robot eyes red! When will they learn this stuff gives nightmares!
The main concerns that slowly see the light every now and then help to keep you interested in what's going on, but they don't try and steal the spotlight form the characters themselves, which is a good thing. I recall absolutely hating how Chaos;Head turned from being focused towards a possibly insane hikikomori who ventures further into his lost mind, to being about how this now slightly more normal character saves the world from a man using a crazy machine, the plot and focus of the show heavily shifts from character to awkwardly inserted plot. Robotics;Notes starts off very slow, and only hints at a few interesting topics and large scale issues, but ultimately it stays on course of the characters.

Frau and Kaito having a light conversation 
The theme I get from watching the show is that each character is trying to find something, mainly a reason to live their life. The unfolding of each character is something that leaves you to love and hate traits about them. Each character is introduce with obvious flaws, but over time we learn more about them, and rather than having them overcome their flaws in some cheezy flipside to their original personalities, we are treated to a deeper understanding of what makes each characetr tick. I could go on about how each character evolves over time and comes to terms with themselves, but I will say that Frau is my favourite character thus far.

Mr. Fabulous, but his name is actually Subaru, and I think he made that outfit himself

While she may not have the lead early on in the show, her overarching importance comes into play and we are able to understand where she has come from and what purpose she has given herself. The unveiling of her nature towards Kaito (main protagonist) later on really shows how wonderfully crafted each character is paced while keeping the larger concerns of their world as a known factor but without stealing the show. I will note that I really don't want to see this show try and create any romances, but if there were to be one I'm hoping for Frau and Kaito.

Now I will say that so far the plot and characters are nearing a meeting point and I hope the show continues to grow towards that climax that may or may not fail like the previous shows (Steins;Gate and Chaos;head). Hopefully I will try and post episodic events and keep up to date on what happens.