Robotics;Notes: 19 Blank Emotions

I am really trying to find time from my everyday life to get in new posts, here is one out of the many I wish I had time to do.

Robotics;Notes had quite the slow pace, but finally we get into some serious situations where sh!t hits the fan, but unfortunately I find myself trying to put in too much effort to really enjoy the show. Akiho has been developed as the crazy high energy robotic nut who is determined to build the best robot possible and receive some much needed love from her older sister. Akiho has been getting the cold shoulder from her sister throughout the series but has remained steadfast to keep going no matter how bad things get. All this character defining over the series has been a bit too casual as she never really grows or develops over time, making her recent breakdown rather uneventful and boring. Akiho beginning to doubt her abilities and her semi-mental breakdown would normally come as a nice shock and turn of events, but for Akiho its over and done with rather quickly and doesn't even come close to Frau's issues.

Frau had a wonderful character buildup of her personal issues that later reveals a dark secret with a wonderful shocking twist that sheds some potential on how serious this show can get. I was able to actually understand a lot about Frau and how she came to her current living state, Frau even gets a nice semi-ending where she breaks free from her Hikikomori lifestyle to try and get closer to Kaito and the others. It's unfortunate that none of the other characters even come close to having a good character buildup as Frau.

Carrying on, the biggest issue I have with the show is how Akiho and Kaito have pretty much abandoned the other robotics members, after the disbanding of the club, practically everyone gets back together within a single episode but forgets to tell the other actual members, which is very disappointing as Frau gets less screen time.

A brief mention of SERN from Steins;gate has piqued my interest as they have somehow found a way into the mix with their black hole bomb, I just hope this little cross over will actually mean something and not just act as a curve-ball being thrown at us by Robotics;Notes in an effort to cling to the glory of Steins;Gate.

It seems Airi is finally making her real debut as more secrets of Kimijima Kou is brought to light in an effort to put a twist on the show, unfortunately it may be the only thing to really grab my attention.

Overall the show is currently riding its highest point in terms of plot, since serious issues are starting to reveal themselves, although it still feels to have fallen far too short on my expectations as the subtle undertones of serious events never fully reach their potential and fail to engross the viewer when the casual daily boring events soak up up too much screen time in a wasted effort to grow characters.