Kotoura-san Ep 1-3. First Impression It's GOOD

This season of new shows certainly crept up on me, bit me in the @$$ and shouted, "Where have you been Djr7!". And so I have returned to trying to catch up on everything I missed in the first few weeks of releases.

Kotoura-san wasn't a show I had looked into, in fact I only noticed it when a friend of mine pulled it up at school, and I can honestly say I am quite amazed by it's writing. The show is mainly humour based romance high school comedy with an added twist of the main character being able to read people's minds. The events that take place are very fundamental and common, guy meets girl, girl finds out about jealous rival who is shut down by guy, etc etc. What makes this show so incredibly amazing is in the presentation and writing. The whole romance comedy thing has been done to death, but this show has some very deep and concerning dark issues that play a strong mental role on each of the characters and help shape each character's true personalities.

The pacing is well done, and the events that unravel aren't very creative or new, but they are well developed and told through a darker mental sense that creates some wonderful internal character conflict with the main girl Kotoura.

Kotoura's first episode will come as a shock to you and show you some very saddening events, it also works up to create one of the best character introductions that really gives you a full understanding of what the main character is going through and how she approaches her life. Manabe is the main guy character that Kotoura takes a liking to, he is also the core of the show's humour, offering some precise moments to make you laugh.

The show wonderfully balances humour, high school romance, and a dark comparison to how ugly the world can be. This is my favorite show of this new season, although Shinsekai is still #1 for me.