[K] - First Impressions

With the new season upon us I think i'll manage to get back into writing regular posts.
It took me FOREVER to find the download file for [K], but it was worth the effort. [K] is an original anime project from GoRA from GoHands studios. The only other show I've seen from GoHands is Seitokai Yakuindomo and I am still hoping for a second serving of those dirty jokes in the near future.

From a visual point of view, [K] is quite stunning and reminds me of C3 and Guilty Crown's art style with the amount of bright coloured (mainly blue) tones in all the background scenes.

The show starts off with some action scenes as Mikoto's gang starts attacking some wealthy organization with poor English acting. While this gang looks for trouble with some authoritative police, a peculiar high school character is depicted living casually, taking peoples food offerings to feed his white kitten he keeps on his shoulder. I have no idea what exactly is happening, but there appears to be some struggle between people known as "kings" with some mysterious powers, but that's about all I got from the show. The first episode mainly introduces the core characters and gives us a fair bit of personality from a few of them, at this point there are about 5 factions that will be intertwined in the story.

The one group reminds me of the military officers from FMA, while their battle with Mikoto's gang has me thinking of Soul Calibur with those big red and blue swords in the sky. Aside from these two opposing factions, the main character appears to have done something horrible and everyone wants a shot at him, but his current personality belies himself at the time of said horrible thing. I am sure there will be a fair bit of side humour as this episode portrayed another school girl concerning for the lack of veggies the main character eats. Next episode we are introduced to the white haired girl whom I think transforms herself into the white kitten.

Overall this was spectacular to watch just for the visuals, I have high hopes for [K] and it will be interesting to see what exactly is happening with the plot and how these characters are intertwined in the next episode.