Ixion Saga DT - First Impressions

Yo. It's been two and a half months since I've posted anything because I've been fairly busy. I pretty much skipped out on posting for the entire Summer 2012 season, and that'll probably remain unchanged for Fall 2012. With less time to watch anime, I haven't really studied up on the preview chart. Paradoxically, I wanted to be a bit more selective than usual on what to watch given time constraints. This is how I came across Ixion Saga DT, which I feel warranted a short little post because it deserves some attention.

What first caught my eye is the fact that this show is an anime original. I believe it's supposed to be based on CAPCOM's upcoming online game of the same name, but I don't think story is a very big factor in an action MMO type of game, which is why I think the guys at Brains Base can be more liberal with the writing. Along with a star-studded voice cast, the director is Takamatsu Shinji, who has directed the likes of Gintama, School Rumble, and more recently Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. This is important because I feel that comedy is what sets this show apart from many others that have used the same setup.

At first, what this show reminded of Oda no Nobuna, which I've still yet to finish. Both main characters are thrown into an entirely different world, and ends up saving someone. Hell, they're even voiced by the same guy. That's where I think the comparisons end though. Though there looks to be some steady plot progression in this new world that Kon is thrown into, it doesn't seem to take itself very seriously. As I've mentioned before, the comedy in this show is what really makes it fun to watch. A light and humorous adventure in a fantasy world is definitely preferable to an angsty and dramatic attempt to escape it.

As for the characters, I really like the character designs. The main character is nothing special, but he really knows how to make light of the situation. The moment he kicked the big bad in the balls while the the guy was charging up his ultimate move was gold. No invincibility frames here! I quite like the token loli and the token trap as well. While she may be just eight years old, she comes off as rather wise in a naive sort of way, if that's even possible. The dual gun-wielding trap is quite the addition to the gang, too. One of the more hilarious moments during this stellar pilot episode was when Fukuyama Jun changed to his manly voice mid-sentence when we find out he's a trap. Excellent delivery. Not much to say about Sainglain so far, but he seems like a cool guy.

Overall, this was an excellent start to the series and I really had fun watching it. As long as it can maintain the comedy at this level, this is going to be a solid show, and probably one of the very few I have time to follow this season. If you've already dismissed this show because of its premise, I highly recommend you to give it a chance; you'd probably be pleasantly surprised. Time to disappear for another couple of months.