Cos & Effect 2012

The second con I attended this past summer as I give in to my urges to take part in these anime conventions. Cos & Effect was rather huge over the last few years, unfortunately, this year saw a dismal turnout with few well organized panels and overall lacked in comparison to Anime Revolution, which was a week before Cos & Effect. While Anime Revolution may have stolen all the spotlight from the Vancouver cons this summer, there were plenty of things to see and do at C&E.

The top three events I attended were an anime themed chess match, which had cosplayers act as chess pieces and entertain the crowd with epic fights whenever a piece was overtaken by another. I ended up getting a Pawn role as I dressed as Shizuo Heiwajima, unfortunately I did not get to fight anyone until the very end where we decided to just have all out out fake battle among the remaining pieces, my side won of course.

Next was the very humourous Little Kuriboh who voices the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series alongside two friends who also do voices, including Takahata101 who is Nappa's abridged voice actor. This panel was by far the most enjoyable, we even got the three abridged voice actors to act out one of Little Kuriboh's side web comics he made when he was younger.

Lastly the anime skit contest gave us several back to back skits from cosplayers, which turned out to be very lame, until the final skit from a somewhat popular group. FAK, fighting asian kids performed a pokemon themed skit showcasing some epic dance moves, poke battle, and oppa-poke style dance. Their performance rocked the house.

I almost forgot about the Final Fantasy Battle, where teams of three performed in a final fantasy turn based fight for the enjoyment of the crowd. The finalists ended up being team Gary, which composed of Gary, Pyro, and Jackie Chan against team Childhood Nightmare which had PedoBear, Scarecrow, and The Ring girl. During the fight, PedoBear would pick up a cardboard cutout of a white van with candy written on it and steal a baby doll that Jackie Chan had. The whole event was pretty amusing.

Overall it was a lot of fun and hopefully it'l be a bit more populated next summer with more organized events.