Anime Revolution 2012 (Full)

Sorry for the delay, although I think only 1 person reads my posts.

Anime Revolution's debut this past august and was my first con ever, and it was an amazing experience that has me looking forward to future conventions. Anime Revolution [AR] was a 3 day event that featured the reunited dub cast of Sailor Moon for their 20th anniversary celebration. AR had a wide variety of events, including an auction, voice actor Q&A with signatures, Anime Idol, a Walk-Off, Pokemon gym and elite 4 competition, and so much more.

To start off, the event held a ton of people in downtown Vancouver (BC). Lots of people dressed up in some amazing outfits, while tourists and onlookers outside the convention center took photos like we were celebrities or acted like ignorant assholes towards our amazing costumes cuz they were jelly.

The best thing about the event was how awesome and free I felt while expressing my love for Anime, It was a very personal experience that led me to be proud of my otaku side. It was an amazing atmosphere that I recommend everyone attend if they enjoy the anime culture. Everyone was accepted by everyone and only a few onlookers tried to act high and mighty in their regular street clothes as myself and other cosplayers made our way to the event each day.

Among the many attractions, the market section was a  football field sized large room with a ton of artists and vendors. Everything from swords, manga, movies, figurines, pillow sleeves, jewelry, and paintball was available for purchase. I ended up buying 5 posters from various artists, a pair of Death The Kid rings from Soul Eater, a Shining Blades Sakuya figurine, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Blue-Ray, and a Bleach Ichigo Bankai Sword (not because I like Bleach but because the sword is cool). I spent roughly $300-$400 in total from purchases, food, tickets and commute, but I could have easily shaved off about $200 if I didn't buy that sword.

Next to the vendor hall in best attractions, the Anime Walk Off featured some hilarous skits as cosplayers took to the stage to woo the judges and audience with their moves, wits, and creative character skits.
Here are some images and videos highlighting the 3 days of amazing fun.

 for all the best images taken.