Code Breaker - First Impressions

There are quite a few shows this season that have my attention, but I'm not too sure what to think about this Code Breaker. The visuals are quite bland, nothing really pops out and the special effects are pretty basic, then again I just watched [K] so that might be factor in my response to this show's appearance.

Getting right into things, Code Breaker starts the story off right from the beginning with our grade A student Sakura who excels in martial arts and is supposedly a beauty of her school. She notices people burning alive while on a train and confronts the new transfer student who resembles the culprit (why is it always the transfer student, why can't the culprit be a regular student for once?). the transfer student Ogami puts on an act but in the end he is found out, seems pretty standard for a plot if you ask me, I hope the plot doesn't become painfully obvious later on.

The only surprising things so far was how Sakura was able to easily shrug off all speculation that she liked Ogami when she just wanted to confront him about being the culprit, and it ends up making her a bit boring as a character with the lack of drama, although I must say her combat skills are quite impressive, I just hope this doesn't turn out like Kurokami which I find to be a real boring show. It looks like this will be all action, the main characters don't seem to poses any comedic promise, so it might just try to be a somewhat serious show with action.

Code Breaker tries to portray Ogami as this badass mysterious guy with epic powers and a dark side to him, but really he doesn't live up to the hype he tried to create. All he does is burn some gang members that deserve it while chanting "an eye for an eye", while putting on a fake face at school and showing no emotion or facial change outside of school. Sakura on the other hand is normal, but shows some courage and strength you don't normally find among the average girls in high school anime, so she is at least somewhat interesting.

I'll watch the next episode but so far there doesn't seem to be any real reason to watch the show other than seeing how Sakura will handle these turns of events since Ogami doesn't interest me in the slightest character wise.