Psycho Pass 01 - A Rating on Life

It is has been quite some time, but I will try and stay consistent doing this series every week. I am still insanely busy but hopefully I can keep up! This show looked right up my alley in setting and touched on quite a few points that peaked my interest. Being an anime original is also a major plus as no one to spoil what happens next with endless speculation!

So we quickly jump into the action, I assume an event in the not too distance future. This seems to be a technique being used quite often  in anime lately. It makes things "interesting" early before info dumping the viewer. Not necessarily a bad thing as I fall into that category of short attention span like the rest of my generation. It keeps you hooked for the whole series wondering how it got to this point. A nice "catch" to keep people like me watching I guess. 1 key thing on my initial impression is that I dislike this art style, let's hope it doesn't bother me too much.

So I guess she will be main-ish character, I can't say I like her much. I think they did quite a good job info dumping the setting on the viewers for a first episode too. The guns feel a bit unrealistic to be able to do so much, but I will let it slide as it clearly are the "rules" of this world. I wonder if they will shift to humans that are outside the system making the guns ineffective as they go about killing. It would be my guess on where the plot is heading at least.

The whole world is based on their psycho rating just seems to powerful.  I mean a bit more in depth look at the system and it literally controls the fate on everyone. You can choose who can die and live just by manipulating it. With something so overbearing, anyone that can get outside the system would be invincible. I think that ultimate bad guy will also lead our main characters to end the psycho rating system for true freedom. At least that is my take on how I think things will progress.

So the setting does still leave much to be worked with. I am always intrigued by how well these futuristic systems would meld in with the story as well as the writers view on how well our society would adapt. I guess it is just my pet peeve to try and poke holes and inconsistencies with the setting compared with the rest of the show; A true testament of good or bad writing. I assume they will have heavy tones of morality of a system of crime prevention taken too far, just my cup of tea. Alas we will see as things unfold.