Sankarea 7-12 End of Sanka House

The final 5 episodes finished off the Dan'ichiro conflict with a few uninteresting filler episodes to keep us waiting. Dan'ichiro was a well developed character who ends up showing signs of "normality" in regards to his affection towards his daughter. It was an entertaining end to his high and mighty overprotective self-esteem, with Chihiro unexpectedly winning the duel with words alone. I was a bit impressed with how he prioritizes everything, he immediately changes clothes and boards a plane to america in search of a cure for Rea, leaving his wife and mansion without a word it seems. I loved the flashbacks of how Dan'ichiro raised Rea to be who he wanted her to be, instead of letting Rea decide for herself what she wanted.

When Rea returns home to collect her clothes, I can't help but think her stepmother might care a bit for Rea. The sudden pause and hesitation from Rea's mother showed a brief unexpected moment between the two.

I felt that throughout the season there was this daunting conflict creeping up on Chihiro and Rea, firstly the issues with Dan'ichiro dominated the show, but recently the bigger concern seems to be preserving Rea. The continuous "I might not have long to live" from Rea really forced me to consider how sad it is to live the life of a zombie. To be continuously worried about the sun and how the Hydrogena leaves don't seem to be enough to uphold her physical state assures my hopes for a second season.  

While Rea's father has been dealt with, there is still so much left for the show to deal with. Chihiro still hasn't decided on the girl, and there is still numerous unanswered question in regards to the whole zombie thing.

Rea shows us more of her wounds but I can't help but worry how much time she has left, and whether or not we will ever find out how to preserve her body and learn the truth behind the relations of Chihiro's family secrets of reviving the dead.