Natsuiro Kiseki In Review 7/10

This show was my guilty pleasure for spring 2012 season. If I could describe this show with just one word it would be, "enjoyable". There was no deep emotional meaning or crazy plot twists, or even a plot for that matter, 4 girls doing fun things to try and savor their last summer with one of their friends.

The show is focused around four friends and how they use a magic rock to make crazy wishes, such as flying, making a clone of themselves, or sticking two of the friends together for an entire day.

The characters are all very different and contrast each other nicely. The show has a richness that stems from simplicity. Natsuiro doesn't take any risks, it plays it safe with casual conflicts between the characters and the wishes they make.

Overall I would give this a 7/10, there is nothing special about this show but sometimes a simple show can create its own unique experience for a casual watch.

I would recommend watching the first episode, the entire season has the same pace and atmosphere, there is no change towards the characters other than minor conflicts that make up the show.