Hyouka 10: What about the Rope?

If Chitanda is the catalyst, then Irisu is the invoker. In the first scene we get to see Irisu put her “empress” name to reality and slowly make Oreki realize his unique ability. It’s nice to know that the producers not only tell the personality of a character but show it. This scene really made me like this Irisu character a lot more. Also unlike most “S” or empress-like characters, I like the subtlety they added to her personality, it’s neither over-bearing nor too little, they showed just enough for us to know how she gets what she wants.

Fukube was actually jealous of Oreki, or at least that’s how it looked like in the second scenes. This could a foreshadowing to Fukubes arc just like the “colourful school life” was in episode four. Also judging from the way they made that shot of Fukube being jealous, I’d say it quite a serious matter. This is surprising coming from a character of Fukubes type, oh well we shall soon see.

Now for the conclusion that Oreki made, I found it really intriguing and unique that they made the cameraman the culprit. I mean seriously, who would’ve thought? So that’s why the shots were so bad! We yet again see how unique the series can go.

Of course in the end it was all for not as Oreki missed a crucial clue, the rope! Personally I forgot about the rope as well, though I did feel as though there was something wrong. Well, something wrong with Oreki and not his theory. I felt as though his development was a little too fast, I don’t really know how to explain properly how it felt then. Either way this was Orekis first fault.

So the arc is still on and I expect quite a lot to how Oreki would clear his mess. However I do feel like they added Orekis fail at the right time, it added a new and refreshing feel to the cases that the series have undergone, though I would’ve like it either way.