Horizon S2 1: Giant Robots? Giant Bewbs? Seems Legit!~

Finally! The rain of steel and melons has arrived!

So if you’re new en you wanna know what the general story then go here: http://www.clanrain.com/2011/11/kyoukai-senjou-no-horizon-01-04-story.html. Mind you the 1st season was burned because of the lack of attention to proper storytelling. However!! Once you get the gist of the story, you can sit back and enjoy the massive fanservices and hilarious main character (Aoi Toori voiced by the famous Jun Fukuyama!) who starts off naked non the less.

So now the city of Musashi embarks on a quest to take back all the emotions of Horizon which are in the form of the Deadly Sin Armaments. However, unlike the first season we begin the second with a lot of action all the way till the end of the episode. Hopefully, this season they do a good balance between action a better interpretation on the story.

Ones of things that gets me really amazed about the series is the fact that the creator is capable of balancing out the unusually large number of character and character types. Seriously, take a look at all the characters, they each have their own personalities and unique design, and from a writer's standpoint, it’s very hard to balance out and give each character their own screen time. As there are many amazing characters on all sides, it make me want some of those from the other teams to switch over to Musashi simply because their character types are either really hawt, adorable or just plain awesome.

Fortunately, this story does not directly focus on the main character and his world, his life, his past and what not. This helps the other characters attain a higher standing than normal by focusing on giving each character an equal an amount time. Unlike any other series I’ve come across, the main character in this series acts more like the support than the those who should be supporting him.
In this series Aoi Toori is a character that chooses not to stand above others, instead he is the one that keeps the morale and fire within the other characters who are the actual fighters or Heroes. And under the pretext that Aoi is the King of Musashi, it is his job to make sure the other characters (his people) are in a good mood. So as the king keeps the heroes up, those heroes pave the way to their goals.

Quite a twist in rolls don’t you think?

The magic system in the series is another thing that amazes me. Especially the magics of Toussaint Neshinbara (tactician looking guy) who types in his spells in the form of a literature than it becomes a magic spell of sorts. The concept they created from mixing machine and magics is simply genius.

The events of this episode is really just amazing. We got Aoi Toori disrupting the opponent using his crotch of all things, btw this clearly shows his ability and roll as one to support his team. And Azuma mistaking sex as something a couple casually does then invites his room mate, Miriam Poqou to get some (⌐■_■). Really this episode, does well to entertain whilst keep everything under control.

On a few notes: Notice the scar that goes around Aoi Toori, hopefully they explain this later on. Also notice that Naomasa (one ridding the giant robot of Musashi) has large melons while her machine is flat(-ish) chested. But on the other team (Tres Espania), their giant machine has giant...no, humongous bewbs while the pilot, Fusahide Era, is flat...Lulz really.

In the end this episode is just well directed en extremely entertaining. Though we have yet to see how well they would convey the story to us, for now it’s all just nice and fun.