AKB0048 12 - Kirara of Love

No OP this episode? Shit must be getting real then. Weeks flew by, and now we're at the penultimate episode of the series already. I expected them to do the daddy rescue this week, and finish off with the concert for the finale, but they ended up putting both in this episode. Nagisa's suffering was the main draw in this episode, but the show must go on, right?

As expected, the whole deal with Orine's Sakura machine was a non-issue. It was only for a second that she looked devastated, but Chieri comes to the rescue. She easily convinces Orine that it's not her fault and shows us more of her deft micsaber skills. If there somehow manages to be a second season, I wonder if they'll go the route of having to deal with Chieri's father. Here's to hoping that this show isn't just a giant commercial to promote the real AKB group! I'm sure the sales for this show isn't doing too shabby, though I have no citation at the moment.

Yes it is, and you should keep blaming yourself because that'll make it everything all better. Their decision to go help rescue Nagisa's dad bore no fruit, and even shot down (pun very much intended) Megu's chance to step on the same stage as Youko. In fact, Nagisa has so much angst built up that she even loses her voice and is unable to sing. My confidence in her being the next Center Nova dropped slightly, but not worries, there's still one more episode left for her to bounce back.

Meanwhile, Chieri has taken up Nagisa's role in the song Nagisa no Cherry. Taking us back to episode two, Chieri wants to prove that she is better than Nagisa, but in what respect? That she's a better singer and dancer? She already knows this. I think it proves that Chieri's determination to be an idol is a thousand times greater than Nagisa's. Maybe she did cause her dad to be detained. Maybe she is causing the other understudies trouble by losing her voice. But she is definitely thinking about this the wrong way. What ever happened to her dream of the four of them performing together on stage? Why not perform her heart out and once again convince Lancastar as well as other planets under the entertainment ban that bringing joy to people's hearts is not a crime? Maybe she'll come to realize this in the finale. I still believe!

So this will be Takamina's final concert? Though it might sound phony coming from real life politicians, I do think that true leadership means thinking about the next generation. And in Olympic fashion, Takamina is passing the torch to her successor. It looks like Takamina has finally come to terms with what's best for herself, Kanata, and the AKB group as a whole. This whole scene could be seen as a big death flag for Takamina; it all depends on whether or not Kawamori wants to add a bit more suffering to the ending. Yuuko, though with such little screen time this week, still seems very determined. With only one more episode left, we still know next to nothing about the Center Novae. I can't imagine them being able to pull it off well with only twenty minutes left.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this is the first time that we see a concert get canceled on screen. It turns out that Mamoru and Yuuka's feelings are mutual, and thus a twintails kirara is born. Congratualtions on being a mom, Yuuka! Forget the idol radiance stuff, it looks like the kirara respond to their feelings when they are at a peak. Maybe all the characters will get their own kirara eventually. I'm sure they won't leave this concert unfinished for the finale. I'm expecting them to regroup, Nagisa to get her shit together, Chieri and Nagisa to sing Seaside Cherry as a duet, and ultimately find out about Acchan's disappearance. Is that too much to squeeze in for the finale? Let's hope Kawamori will pull through for us. Bracing myself for the final episode.