Fate/Zero 25 - At Night's Beginning

So after a long 2 season, Fate Zero has finally come to an end. It was an excellent series that makes me want to play F/S N the VN to get the rest of the picture. Alas, that is probably going to take way too long to do all the routes. I was expecting nothing from the final episode, but it ended up tying everything up quite nicely, a perfect way to bridge the 2 shows together.

The nice twist we see what happens to everyone. I still wonder how Sakura went from rape victim to super shy girl in F/SN? That semi dream sequence we all knew was trolling so badly, they just had to aim for a low blow D: All the final moments with all the characters was just filled with mass amounts of suffering. The only one with a semi happy end was Waver, even then he is left to bear the weight of losing Rider for the rest of his life.

This one was probably done the best of them all. It almost makes me kind of like Saber, still don't btw. It was the perfect way to show how misunderstood Saber was of Beserker, and how it all tied together in the worse possible misunderstanding. One thing I wonder is how Saber was summoned as the only "live" servant. Surely she was already a legend, should she be summoned as her dead form like all the others?

Finally enter are new hero of the next series. Seeing what was left of a broken Kerry was pretty terrible even if Emiya couldn't tell how pro he used to be. I guess the power of the flashback episodes was the best of the series and just makes that final line hit harder. In the end, when Kerry did nothing, no one had to die, what a sad realization of life. To realize your whole path towards your life goal was meaningless, I am more surprised Kerry didn't just kill himself... Back to playing PSO2 now to drown away the painful feelings D: