Hyouka 08: Rivals to come

Finally a multi-episode arc and I must say the idea they came up with is quite astounding. I mean seriously, they really did their best to create different kinds of mystery arcs, simple mystery arcs that are still kept very different from other typical mysteries. But I’m sure you’ve already heard me say something similar. Other than that, there isn’t really much to talk about in this episode, the good parts just about to come in the next so I’ll keep this short.

So here they introduced a new character, unfortunately for me she’s just a supporting character. Irisu Fuyumi, the empress of a character, really caught me there. Because yes I’m into those kinds of girls, her striking eyes, long black hair, and white skin. I’ve recently found out that I like these kinds of girls, girls like Horo, Senjougahara Hitagi, or Makise Kurisu, just to name a few. Don’t take me for an M though -_-“. Anyway, I just hope they show more of her later on.

In this episode they decided to show their sub story (in this case, the indie film they watched) in such a way that mixes 3d space and 2d characters. Now against the pretext of the film being made by students, those moving shots were understandable. But the film was just way too jittery and the shots weren’t too well integrated. Though I can understand the shots not being well integrated because its 2d in 3d space, I wish they did more work in making it not shake too much. Then again, this is all just me having too high a standard and expectation since this series has been doing well. So either way, all’s well.

In the final scenes, I find that the way they put together the shot compositions and dialogues leave the impression that there is another mystery at hand involving Hongou-sans illness.

Since this is the first episode where they showed a lot more characters, I’ve noticed that they also put effort into giving each and every one of those characters a personality and difference in appearance. This is just another note that I’d like you guys to notice and appreciate.

As I’ve said earlier the real fun starts in the next episode as they introduce other detectives into the arc. The rivalry and debate over the mystery is gonna be soo much fun! Looking forward to next week!!