Fate/Zero 24 - The Limits of Miracles

A great episode to end my hiatus from posting. I will make a post after this about my D3 journey, for now I'll stick to Fate/Zero since I missed posting about all those great episodes in between. From Kerry making it rain in my room, to Rider's triumphant charge. At this point I can say Gilgamesh is clearly broken, he is way too strong a servant. I would think they would run to 26 episode, but I am not sure if they have enoguh content left for 2 more.

This felt like such an anti-climatic fight. After all the hype around Beserker being Lancelot, it felt like such a letdown. Beserker even had one of the best introductions with his absolute dominance against Gilgamesh. It was a nice touch to see Saber suffer and realize how true the words Rider spoke to her were. I would have loved to see a flashback of Saber failing the knights. I think I just like seeing Saber suffer since I hate her so much...

I just loved this part of this episode, this anime just full of greatness. It is always nice to have the "what if" situations play out, we all knew the choices Kerry would make but the small twists to push him to the edge was just beautiful. The realization that a miracle can not be granted without first being able to imagine it. After all, if you wish for something beyond what your mind can "flesh out", the wish is bound to be twisted in a way you did not perceive. This was just a beautiful twist to the grail.

In the end, Kerry can not escape his sad fate. He only knows one way of doing things that just leads him further down his grim path. With the grail failing him, he has lost that light at the end of the tunnel. I guess we know how this will all eventually turn out since this was the prequel. I was feeling his "pain" more in the flashback, but as he kills more and more, I am not caring as much. I guess without the huge buildup, it has less of an impact. Nothing will compare to to the flashback I guess.

With 2 more episodes remaining, all that is left is the final unravelling. With Lancer and Rider out of the picture, and the final decision with the grail gone, not sure I care to much what happens now. We all know what is left, just to watch the final scenes as it ties together.