Wolf Rants: Square Enix's New Engine and Some Anime announcements

Sometime last year, we were humbled by the few screen shots of SquareEnix's new Luminous engine. Now I won't go into the specifics and talk about how it was able to get such beautiful and photo realistic shots, I’m not that smart to know such complex stuff. I’ll just be talking about it as a regular guy with a thing for these beautiful 3D technologies.

Now in this year’s E3, they’ve gone official and fully unveiled the Luminous engine, and it looks… well… I really don’t know how to put it in words, it’s just beautiful but that word just doesn’t sum it. It’s just uber, super, cool, awesome, etc. Yeah, I’m once again over reacting things but I love the FF series and as I’ve said up top, I’ve got a thing for these beautiful 3D technologies.

Agni's Philosophy: Final Fantasy real time tech demo

Demo as shown on the E3 stage

But the best part is they played this demo IN REAL TIME! So that means the video was being rendered as they watched it! This in my opinion is the next step in gaming. Though they probably have a whole render farm in the background doing all the work so I doubt we will be playing games in this level, but I certainly am sure we’re getting close. Thinking about this again, a whole render farm is quite large to have in a convention and doesn’t exactly seem practical or logical if this is next generation technology, so I’m hoping that the engine is actually so advanced that it doesn’t require a farm to render in real time. Mind you, they didn’t say what hardware they used as they demoed this.

In some other news… That I care about.

I’m sure we all are quite frustrated by the fact that Kore wa Zombie desu Ka? just ended with an unexpected ten episodes, it’s outrageous if you ask me. Why would they make this awesome and unique, not to mention most anticipated series end with only ten episodes? Their logic escapes me, but they did what they did. Hopefully however, they pick up on the fan hype and continue the series with a third, no not a movie, but a third season. We shall wait and see…

To aru Majutsu no Index Movie! Is to come out next Feb 2013, yeah that’s a long way, not to mention we of the west will have to wait for quite some time before we actually get to watch it. Anyway, the movie will still be directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori (錦織 博), and the series composition by Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野 弘幸). Hiroyuki Yoshino is the same series compositor of the famous Code Geass and the infamous (in my opinion) Guilty Crown; he also works on the recent Accel World. Now ever since Guilty Crown I’ve been having mixed feelings for Hiroyuki Yoshino, its story is just so “blagh”, but hopefully he does well in this one since he already has a finished story to work from. Either way I have high hopes for this one.

To Love-Ru Darkness Anime and OVA Announced! Now for those who don’t know, this is a very NSFW series. Its manga is just at the edge of hentai, which leads me to believe that a much diluted anime adaption would be created. Sad, if you asked me cause the NSFW content is what makes the manga. But meh, I do understand if they tone down the super ecchi content. I’ll still be watching with delight.