My Journey through Diablo 3

So after 132 hours of playing my Demon Hunter, roughly 1/3 of that time spent in AH and another 1/3 spent AFK or dead, I have effective playtime around 50 hours. I finally decided the grind was too boring and call it quits and started selling all my gear in Auction house to "cash out". I'll give a final total of my gear worth, but I have already sold $300 and expect it to go to around $500. I was paid about the same amount as a Chinese gold farmer!

So i started off as picking between a Demon hunter or a Sorc but Rho chose sorc so I went the final Dex route to complete our team of Sorc, Demon Hunter and Barb. As we quested our way through, we hit the wall that everyone else did, Act 2 Inferno. We farmed Act 1 Butcher as everyone else did endlessly, but we were still no match for Act 2. Our Barb (Cody) was no longer able to tank and we were forced to start to solo instead of team play after this running Kulle being the easiest boss in Act 2. There was a bug to get him glitched and not fight him directly, not like he was very strong to begin with I guess.

I was first one to clear Belial, being the imba class of course, and proceeded to farm Siegebreaker. Perfectly on time, we geared up enough doing Seigebreaker runs together to run Cydaea and Azomdan right as Seigebreaker was nerfed. After this, that was all we ran for the last 2 weeks as we kept gearing up.

The tipping point came after I found my 2nd super expensive drop. I found one of the best monk weapons yet after selling it, I still could not get a decent upgrade for my weapon. After 2 days of sitting on 30 mil with nothing to buy with it, it hit me like a punch in the face. If it took me this long to farm 30 mil and I can't find a decent upgarde, what will happen when I do find one and need my next upgrade. At this point I realized I would be quite bored running this for the rest of my days since I was neglecting quite a bit to be able to put in so many hours.

With real gold AH finally implemented, I decided to do as many other do, time to cash out. I'll post out total money I sell off for later, but it should be a nice amount of money. Currently sitting at around $300 expecting $500 or so, I'll see though. Not bad money to be made after having fun. As a job, I would never consider this worth my time, it was fun while it lasted at least. Nothing like running into invun minions, reflect damage, vortex elites.

In the end, this is the way I see all games moving towards in the future. Games relating their in game currency to real currency to cashout a bigger chunk where everyone is happy .

Here is compilation of all my hard earned gear: I'll add the $ amounts it sold for as they start to sell: (few other items in my inventory also to sell not listed D:) Prices listed is what it sold for, Blizzard steals a big cut too D: