Shining Hearts 02-03: Slice of Bread

Watching these episodes I feel the director is trying to recreate the feel and aura that the players get when playing the game version. That feeling and aura being something similar the ones you can get from the games Rune Factory or Harvest Moon. Simply put, the director is trying to show us a slice of life in a fantasy world with action and adventure in the side.

Now whether you like it or not is again up to your preference. But I however feel indifferent to the series right now. And though I am quite interested in the story I still don’t think it would be something epic.

Design in this series is quite disappointing. The only thing they focused on was the art and design of the significant characters while they designed everything else with a “meh” attitude. This really put a hurt to the series as a whole since the surroundings don’t complement and uphold the subject. Really, the least they could do was get a better concept artist.

So in the two episodes we were somewhat introduced to a new character, a character that looks to the catalyst for our hero who seems to recognize her. Also we were introduced in to an android(?) character. Her significance is yet to be known though she does help bring up what seems to be another plot in the story.

Overall, I don’t have much to talk about with this series since so far they haven’t really gotten anywhere with the story just yet. However I’m hoping for more action and story in the coming episode since the 3rd one seemed to imply a rising main plot.

Important: I’ll be posting on this series every other week from now on since I don’t think I’ll have much to talk about in each episode.